Issuing the first verdict of the defendants in the murder case of Mehrjooi and his wife

Issuing the first verdict of the defendants in the murder case of Mehrjooi and his wife

According to Alborz Jam Jam Online,Hossein Fadeli Harikandi, announcing the verdict in the case of the murder of the late Mehrjooi and his wife, which occurred in October of this year, said: in the late hours of October 22, the news of the murder of the late Dariush Mehrjooi and the late Ruqieh (Vahida) Mohammadifar in the jurisdiction of Fardis city, public opinion and society It amazed the artistic and cinematography of our country and affected the people and art lovers.

The process of identifying and arresting the accused

The Chief Justice of Alborz province pointed out that minutes after the report of this murder, Fardis prosecutor, the special homicide investigator, agents of the intelligence police of Fardis city and Alborz province, together with the murder scene investigation team, were present at the scene and investigated the matter, adding: As a result of the follow-up and guidelines of the head of the judiciary and the orders he issued immediately regarding the acceleration of the identification and arrest of the accused and the handling of the case, the accused were identified and arrested in less than five days after the murder.

He further noted: due to the existence of sufficient evidence against the four defendants present at the scene of the murder, while reconstructing the scene of the crime, these defendants confessed to the crimes they committed and the manner in which the murders took place.

Fazeli Harikandi stated that after completing the interrogations and announcing the end of the investigation, the General and Revolutionary Prosecutor’s Office of Fardis started to issue the indictment of the four defendants in this case. It was held publicly on 27th and 28th of January, in two sessions in the morning and in the afternoon, in the form of three meetings with the presence of the defendants’ lawyers and parents, and finally, after announcing the end of the proceedings, the case verdict was issued.

Details of the initial vote issued

The Chief Justice of Alborz Province, explaining some details of the judgment issued in the first branch of the Criminal Court of Alborz Province, added: According to the issued indictment, appropriate legal punishment cases have been issued for the four defendants, and thus the first-tier defendant is accused of “intentional murder”. The late Mehrjooi and the late Mohammadifar were sentenced to “self-revenge” based on the demand for retribution from their parents.

He added: In addition to self-retribution, the first-tier defendant was sentenced to 20 years in prison, flogging and dowry for other crimes committed at the same time as “theft”; Also, for the crimes before committing the murder, which is a week before this act, including the charges of “entering the house illegally” and “threat with a knife”, he was sentenced to a total of eight years of imprisonment and whipping, which of course according to Provisions on Ta’ziri punishments, severe punishment will be applicable.

Fazeli Harikandi reminded that there are three other defendants in this case: in the verdict, the second and third tier defendants were also sentenced to 36 years in prison, whipping, and ransom for crimes such as “initiation to murder” and “theft”. have been convicted

He continued: In the case of the fourth-level accused, for committing crimes such as “assisting in the initiation of murder” and “theft” and considering his role in the committed crimes, the court has sentenced him to a total of eight years in prison.

The Chief Justice of Alborz province emphasized that the decision has been communicated to the parties and stated: the decisions are not final and in case of appeal, the case will be sent to the Supreme Court and if the decision is confirmed and final, it will be implemented.


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