Istanbul has been seriously injured in the last 5 years

Istanbul has been seriously injured in the last 5 years

People’s Alliance’s Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (BB) Mayor candidate Murat Kurum, in his speech at the meeting program with radio broadcasters within the scope of “13 February World Radio Day”, said that the importance of radio and broadcasting has not decreased in the process from traditional to digital media.

Stating that he thinks that people have a much warmer communication in radio broadcasting, which has a history of 97 years, Kurum said, “Undoubtedly, the warm relations, sincerity and efforts that you, our radio friends, have established with our citizens have a great share in this. Every day, thousands, millions of people are at home on different frequencies, “He’s at work, listening in the car.” he said.

Stating that radio stations are at the top with 49 percent in terms of trust in media in Turkey, and that radio stations are at the top with 54 percent in terms of sincerity and naturalness of media channels in Turkey, Kurum noted that radio stations are at the top with 51 percent in terms of content quality, which shows the success of radio broadcasters.


Stating that he personally followed the problems of Istanbul through the citizens who participated in the radio broadcasts, Kurum continued as follows:

“Our brothers and sisters who are connected to the radio should not think that they are talking in vain. In this sense, we are always on the side of making an effort to solve their problems, as a side that listens to their troubles, as a brother that listens to them. In the last 5 years, we are the ones who listen to our citizens of Istanbul and worry about their problems, There was no minister who made an effort to solve the problems. You know, Muslim Baba says in one of his songs, ‘All my feelings are severely injured’, and when we listen to our brothers from Istanbul there, we understand that Istanbul has become a city that has been severely injured in the last 5 years. 5 in Istanbul “Urban transformation, green area and transportation investments have stopped over the years. Istanbul has become a stopped city.”


Stating that Istanbul is the center of radio stations and broadcasting, Kurum stated that great steps have been taken in the city with the support of the state to ensure that the profession operates more efficiently and more effectively.

Murat Kurum, pointing out that one of the brand projects implemented under the leadership of President Recep Tayyip Erdoan was the Amca Radio and Television Tower, said, “When you look back at the past, we all saw that many antennas there damaged the beauty and silhouette of Istanbul. In the current process, that visual pollution here together with the tower that was put into service.” “We see that it has been removed and healthier publications have started. This also makes us happy.” He used the expressions.

Emphasizing that they will make maximum efforts to ensure that the costs arising from tower use can be covered by all radio stations, the Authority noted the following:

“We especially have brothers who do not have a yellow press card, but who have spent their lives in radio stations and are still working. We are planning some practices for these brothers so that they can benefit from the municipality’s facilities adequately. Developments that will provide ease of use in areas of activity such as municipal facilities, SPARK and public transportation for those in the sector. “We will sign. As a municipality, you will see our will to take common ground in projects related to radio. We will evaluate the expectations of our municipalities in the most efficient way by reaching and explaining the activities carried out by our municipalities to our people through promotion and advertising instruments such as sponsorship on radios.”


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