Istanbul, not Texas! He chased his brothers and shot them in the legs! Horror moments on camera

Istanbul, not Texas!  He chased his brothers and shot them in the legs!  Horror moments on camera

When a person placed his son in the flat inherited from his father in Kağıthane, ISTANBUL, a fight broke out between him and his siblings. The person chased his brothers, who wanted to share the flat, on the street and shot them in the legs with a gun. While the moments of horror were captured on camera, the attacker brother was caught by the Kağıthane Public Order Bureau police and arrested.

The incident took place last Friday at around 20.30 in Kağıthane Telsizler District. According to the information obtained, the fathers of 3 siblings Metin A., (42), Songül A. (46) and Murat A. (51) living in the district passed away a while ago. Murat A. placed his son in the apartment inherited from their father. However, Songül A. and Metin A., who were disturbed by this situation, wanted to talk to their brother Murat A. Two of the brothers came together and wanted to share the flat.

When he placed his son in the apartment, all hell broke loose.

Murat A. rejected the offer and said that his son would live in the flat and that he would not share it with them. Thereupon, an argument broke out between the three brothers. As the argument escalated, Songül A. and Metin A. walked up to their brothers and beat them up. Murat A., who had a nervous breakdown at that time, pulled out his gun and started chasing his brothers on the street. During the chase that lasted until the beginning of the street, Murat A., who was armed with a gun, injured his brothers by shooting them in the legs. Moments of horror were captured on camera moment by moment.

He shot his brothers in the middle of the street

After the incident, Murat A. ran away with a gun in his hand, and citizens reported the injured to the medical teams. Upon the notice, medical teams came to the scene and after providing first aid to the two brothers who were shot in their legs, they were taken to the hospital by ambulance for treatment. It was learned that the siblings who were taken into surgery were not life-threatening. It was learned that Metin A. was discharged after treatment.

Kağıthane Public Order police caught up

On the other hand, Kağıthane Public Security Bureau police officers started an investigation into the incident and took the statements of the injured people and the surrounding citizens and examined the security camera footage. As a result of the work carried out, Murat A. was caught with the gun he used in the incident in Gültepe shortly after the incident. Murat A., who was taken into custody, stated in his statement that he had argued with his brothers about the flat and that he shot him with his gun when they attacked him.

The attacker brother was arrested

Murat A., whose procedures were completed at the police station, was arrested and sent to prison for the crime of “intentional wounding” by the court where he was referred. It was revealed that Murat A. was a car painter and had 3 records for “forgery of official documents” and “forgery of money”.


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