It was determined that the ship hit by the Houthis belonged to a Greek company

It was determined that the ship hit by the Houthis belonged to a Greek company

A statement was made on the social media platform X account of the US Central Command (CENTCOM) regarding the “Star Iris” ship shot by the Houthis in the Red Sea.

In the statement, it was noted that the Houthis launched 2 missiles towards the Marshall Islands-flagged cargo ship belonging to a Greek company, which was carrying corn from Brazil in the Babelmandeb Strait.

In the statement, it was stated that the ship was slightly damaged and the crew did not suffer any injuries, and that the ship’s destination was Iran.

Houthis in Yemen announced that they had attacked a US ship in the Red Sea.

Houthis’ Military Spokesperson Yahya Seri, in his statement yesterday, said, “In order to respond to the oppression against the Palestinian people and the American-British attacks on our country, the Naval Forces affiliated to the Yemeni Armed Forces (Houthis) deployed the American ship Star Iris in the Red Sea with a large number of suitable naval missiles.” “The target was targeted and these missiles hit the target exactly with the help of God.” He used the expressions.

Stating that the USA and the UK would not hesitate to respond to the attacks in Yemen, Seri reiterated that the US and British ships passing through the Red Sea were “legitimate targets” for them.


The Houthis, supported by Iran in Yemen, began to seize commercial ships on the Yemen route, which they stated were affiliated with Israeli companies, and to attack some of them with drones and missiles on October 31, 2023, as a reaction to Israel’s attacks in Gaza.

US forces announced that they shot down missiles and kamikaze drones launched from Yemen several times during this period.

Following the actions of the Houthis, many shipping companies decided to stop their voyages in the Red Sea.

The USA announced that a multinational “maritime strike force” called “Operation Welfare Guard” was formed against the Houthi forces with the participation of a group of countries on December 18, 2023, on the grounds that global maritime trade security was in danger.

Three speedboats belonging to the Houthis, who tried to seize the ship connected to Israel in the Red Sea on December 31, 2023, were taken under fire by US helicopters.

The Houthis announced that on January 10, a US ship was targeted with missiles and kamikaze drones in the Red Sea on the grounds that it supported Israel.

The United Nations Security Council adopted the resolution submitted by the USA and Japan on January 11, demanding an immediate end to the Houthis’ attacks in the Red Sea.

Approximately 12 percent of global trade is carried out through the Suez Canal, which offers the shortest route between Europe and Asia by connecting the Mediterranean to the Red Sea.


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