It was revealed that Israel executed the old man in the video saying ‘We are helping civilians in Gaza’

It was revealed that Israel executed the old man in the video saying ‘We are helping civilians in Gaza’

The 100th issue of the Disinformation Bulletin, which includes allegations about Israel’s attacks on Palestine, has been published by the Presidency’s Directorate of Communications Counter-Disinformation Center.


In the bulletin, it was stated that the images provided by Israel with the claim that “Our soldiers are helping civilians in Gaza” are not true, and that the old man in the shared photo is 74-year-old Bashir Haji from Gaza, who was executed by Israeli forces.

In the bulletin, it was stated that Bashir Haji, one of the thousands of Gazans who were forcibly displaced and driven to the south by Israel, was brutally executed by Israeli soldiers. “His son, speaking to the Al Arabiya television channel, stated that he lost his family on the way to the south and later found his father shot in the head and back.” “Hacı’s grandson Hala Hacı, who saw that the photo was used as propaganda material on Israeli accounts, announced that her grandfather was killed by Israeli soldiers.” determination was included.

In the bulletin, it was emphasized that the claims that “Hamas killed innocent people” regarding the execution images shared by the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs and official state accounts were untrue, and it was announced that the images were recorded during the public execution of a drug dealer in Iran in 2014.

In the bulletin, it was emphasized that the images shared with the claim that “they were recorded by Israeli soldiers in Hamas tunnels in Gaza” did not reflect the truth, and that it was determined that these recordings belonged to the old transmitter center in Sweden.

The bulletin pointed out that the claims that “the Israeli army found a Hamas tunnel on the grounds of the Shifa Hospital” were not true, and added: “When the alleged images were examined, it was determined that there were pipes and a concrete cover at the entrance of the destroyed pit. The structure in the images provided by Israel with the claim of ‘Hamas tunnel’ was located in a septic tank.” “It is clearly seen that it resembles (the well).” expressions were used.

The following allegations were responded to in the bulletin:

‘Israeli soldiers are taking care of newborn Palestinian babies at Shifa Hospital in Gaza.’ The claim is not true. It has been determined that the alleged photo was shared on the social media account of a clinic in Rishon LeTsiyon on November 8, 2023, with the note “Fathers coming to visit their newborn babies.” In addition, the photo was shared in the Israeli media with the title “Two reserve soldiers welcoming their newborn babies.” ‘He was able to get a few hours off yesterday for this.’ It was determined that it was served with information.

The claim that “Palestinians are producing fake videos” regarding the images of a hospitalized man shared on Israeli propaganda accounts is also not true. In the images, medical devices were used incorrectly, and the accounts that spread Israeli propaganda also shared the images with the words ‘This is a Palestinian and they are creating a fake image.’ It was determined that he allegedly shared it. As a result of the investigation, it was determined that the images were taken from a TV series and that the alleged scene caused criticism in the Malaysian media in 2019.

‘Palestinians staged a fake funeral.’ The images shared to create the perception were not recorded in Palestine. “It has been determined that the images were taken from a short film released on digital platforms 5 years ago.”

Allegations regarding Şifa Hospital and tunnels

It was stated that the claim that “Hamas members and Israeli soldiers clashed in the Shifa Hospital in Gaza” is not true, and “It has been determined that the images in question were recorded in the field hospital in Rabia al-Adawiyya Square in Egypt on August 14, 2013. Israel, the hospital “It spreads many false claims about Hamas members being in hospitals to justify its attacks.” expressions were used.

The bulletin emphasized that the claims that “the new and longest Hamas tunnels extending from Gaza to Israel have been discovered” are not true, and the following was noted:

“The first photo in question was published in the Israeli media in 2014 with the headline ‘Israeli Army: Announced that the tunnels near the Gaza Strip border do not belong to Hamas.’ It was determined that the second photo was served by the Israeli army in 2014 with the claim of ‘tunnels in Gaza’, but no evidence was provided.

The Rafah Border Gate between Egypt and Gaza was closed to commercial crossings in 2007, and due to the Israeli blockade and the closure of the border gate, Palestinians turned to tunnels to meet their basic needs. Israel demolished most of these tunnels by pumping sea water. “Photos of these tunnels have been presented many times by Israel claiming they are ‘terror tunnels’.”

Regarding the claim that “A group of young people attacked 3 Israeli girls in France and it did not end well”, the bulletin said: “The images, which are clearly fictional, have been shared on social media with different claims since November 4, 2023. Some FETO accounts have previously shared the images with ‘words’ “Turkish young people who were beaten by the French,” he said. “In addition to the fact that the images are fiction, there is no evidence that the people in the images are Turkish or Israeli.” determination was included.

“The claims that the injury images are fake are unreal”

On the other hand, it was emphasized in the bulletin that the claims that “the Gazan young man in the hospital where he ran to his mother was not injured and that the images of his injuries were fake” were unreal.

In response to the allegations, “Israel’s official accounts have previously served images taken from documentary shootings, short films and plays with the claim that ‘Gazan residents are editing fake images.'” Israel’s official account stated that a woman who came to see her injured son in the hospital and her “He served a video of young people lifting the bandage on his head, claiming it was a ‘fake injury video.’ When the footage is examined, it is clearly seen that, contrary to the claim, the bandage on the head of the young man injured in the Israeli bombardment was removed in order to reassure his mother by showing that his wounds were not serious.” statements were included.


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