It will be a difficult atmosphere for the National Team

It will be a difficult atmosphere for the National Team

Erol Bulut, the coach of the English Championship team Cardiff City, said that a difficult atmosphere awaits the National Football Team in Cardiff on Tuesday.

Erol Bulut answered the questions of the AA reporter at the facilities used by Wales, together with Cardiff City, who will be Turkey’s opponent on Tuesday in the last match of the UEFA 2024 European Championship (EURO 2024) Qualifiers Group D.

Erol Bulut, who started his speech by stating that the National Football Team played a very good game in the match where they defeated Germany, said, “I watched the Germany match, I was very proud. It was as if we were playing at our own home. More than half of the stadium was filled with Turkish fans. They finished the match with a good performance.” “We won 3-2. It was a match in which we played well. The Turkish National Team already has to be at this level. We have that quality and talent.” said.

Underlining that a challenging atmosphere awaits Turkey at Cardiff City Stadium, where his team plays its matches, Bulut said:

“Welsh journalists asked about the Wales-Turkey match several times in press conferences, and I said, ‘Yes, it is an important match, but more importantly, your Armenia match. You have to win the Armenia match so that our match becomes important for you.’ As a matter of fact, that’s what happened, they drew. . Our wish is to finish the group as the leader, so Montella will want to field a good 11 on Tuesday and win. If there is a draw, we will finish as the leader, at least let’s call it a draw. I think it will be a good match, Wales is not a bad team. Usually 5-3- They play in the 2 system. I think they will play against us in that system as well. They perform well at home. They beat Croatia 2-1 here, I was in that match. In fact, after we lost a few days ago, Croatia lost the match here with that demoralization. Good. It will be a match, the atmosphere will be perfect, I can already tell that. The fans are really good. 70 percent of the fans who come to the national team are our Cardiff fans. “It will be a good match in terms of atmosphere.”


Erol Bulut made the following evaluation about the Wales squad, underlining that Welsh striker Kieffer Moore, who could not play in the match that Turkey won 2-0 in Samsun, was one of the most important names of the team:

“Their striker, Kieffer Moore, plays for Bournemouth, he is tall. He also played in Cardiff before. He scored 20 goals in one season here and was transferred to Bournemouth. He is a good striker, he is tall, he can hide the ball well. Moore played against the Croatians He also harassed the defenders a lot. Their wings and midfielders are good football players. One of the midfielders plays in Leeds (Ethan Ampadu), the other one plays in Birmingham (Jordan James). They are young but quality footballers. The wing players are Premier League footballers, one of them plays in Fulham (Harry Wilson). , one of them is in Leeds (Daniel James). The offensive line is good. The entire defensive line plays in the Premier League. When you look at Wales, they have good quality, but they cannot fully reflect that quality on the field in terms of attack. They get into positions but cannot evaluate them. One of their most important matches is here. It was the Armenia match, they lost 4-2. If they had won that match, they would have had a good chance. Maybe they could have participated in the European Championship with us. That match destroyed them. Armenia played a good match, they scored 3 quick goals from the counterattack and they kept the balance of the Wales National Team. broke it.”


Giving information about the facility that Cardiff City uses with the Wales National Team, Erol Bulut said, “The facility we are currently in is a large facility. There is the Wales National Team in the lower part, and the Cardiff City club in the upper part. He previously bought this facility to the owner of Cardiff.” An offer was made to buy it, but they did not accept it. Currently, there is a new facility project. There are 5-6 open and a few closed fields here. Also, a large and beautiful project is ongoing. We share this building with the national team. There are 4-5 fields, the two at the back are “The field is mostly used by the national rugby team. The ones in front are the A National Team’s fields, the one on the left is used by the Under-21 National Team, and we do our training on those fields. It is a nice, quiet place, 20-25 minutes away from the center.” he said.

Stating that the storm that is effective from time to time in Cardiff makes it difficult to play football, Bulut said, “It is not possible to train in these weather conditions anyway. When it is stormy like this, we train without the ball. Because the ball is not with us, the storm takes it away. I do not know if there will be such a storm at match time. The storm “If it happens, it will not be an advantage for either team. Because it is necessary to keep the ball on the ground all the time rather than in the air. It would not be positive for both teams, hopefully the weather conditions will be good and we will watch a good match.” he said.


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