It’s Gender Games at Off/Off Theater with Margò Paciotti & HER

It’s Gender Games at Off/Off Theater with Margò Paciotti & HER

From Friday 5th to Sunday 7th April 2024 the Off/Off Theater stage welcomes Gender Games. The show features protagonists Margò Paciotti and the musician HER., engaged in a constant and transversal dialogue between different expressive languages: the body and music.

An intimate authorial journey, but at the same time universal to reflect on identity and tell a bit about it queer culture capable of dictating the times of fashion.

Gender Games, an emotional journey

The show is performed as part of “Art For Inclusion – the strength of identities”, curated by Ondadurto Teatro. Winning project of the Public Notice “Collection of project proposals for the creation of events, demonstrations, initiatives and projects of interest to the Capitoline Administration of city relevance” promoted by Roma Capitale in collaboration with Zètema Progetto Cultura.

Gender Games is an emotional journey between light and shadow capable of transforming the body-object into meaning, breaking down the boundaries between genres through a transversal musical development: from baroque to electronic, through rock up to pop.

Between classical and electronic

Classical, pop and electronic music meet and the resulting mixture has an explosive force from which one cannot help but be struck by it. The music of Gender Games, with original arrangements, is created by HER and conceived starting from a question: how to create sound environments that are deeply linked to the meanings of an intimate story?

Can music lead the spectator and, through live action, create imaginaries in the minds of the spectators themselves? Thanks to research on contemporary sounds, everything is transformed into a personal narrative in music in a dense network of visual representations, particularly powerful “images”, symbolic and archetypal forms.


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