Jess between musicals and songs: «Here’s my first EP that talks about me»

Jess between musicals and songs: «Here’s my first EP that talks about me»

Alone at home and other troubles”, the first EP of the talented and multifaceted singer-songwriter Jess (alias of Jessica Lorusso) will be released on Friday 24 November. Six tracks and a bonus track that presents itself as a journey into the deafening solitude of an empty house that forces constant ruminations, where everything takes on the appearance of an enormous shock that needs to be stemmed.

Jess, how did this very intimate and personal project come about?

«It comes from all those emotions that come knocking when you are alone with yourself, when the rest of the world remains closed out. He talks about affection, family and my roots in a completely honest way.”

He won the Back to Talent contest and will give a concert at the Teatro Nazionale in Milan. J-Ax, director of the competition, also appreciated her talent. What effect does it have?
«It’s exciting, singing my songs in itself in the setting of the Sforzesco Castle was impressive. Winning the contest is something that gives me immense joy, as it seems to me that somehow every now and then the efforts are rewarded. Being appreciated by an artist like J-Ax is hard to explain. It certainly makes me proud.”

Jess is on tour with “Una volta nella vita (Once)” by the Compagnia della Rancia, of which she is the protagonist, after having been on stage in the musical “Phantom of the Opera” by Webber.
«I have always been divided between music and theatre. The latter allows you to play characters that are extremely different from you and this, from my point of view, is a lot of fun. In particular, the musical genre combines 3 arts: acting, singing and dancing (in the case of “Once” every actor, including myself, plays at least one instrument on stage). This makes it a genre that allows the actor to test himself on multiple fronts. It’s an industry full of talent, I’m immensely happy to be part of it.”

Would you like to duet with…

«If I have to dream big: I say Mahmood, Elisa and Mara Sattei».

Jess, where are you from and where are you going?
«I wanted to make people listen to my songs, I started with my friends. I hope that my songs speak to an increasingly larger audience.”

A dream/project…
«I have to start organizing the concert soon, I dream of lots of live shows around and obviously new shows at the theater».


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