Jessica Iskandar Car Rental Fraud Case, Perpetrator Arrested in Bangkok

Jessica Iskandar Car Rental Fraud Case, Perpetrator Arrested in Bangkok

Head of the International Relations Division (Kadiv Hubinter) of the National Police, Inspector General Pol. Krishna Murti. (BP/Ant)

JAKARTA, – The suspect in the car rental fraud that caused losses to artist Jessica Iskandar (Jedar), Christoper Steffanus Budianto (CSB), has been arrested by the police. The arrest, said the Head of the National Police’s Intermediary Division, Inspector General Krishna Murti, was carried out in Bangkok, Thailand.

The perpetrator was immediately returned to Jakarta this afternoon. “It is true, the person concerned has been arrested in Thailand with the cooperation of the National Police and the Royal Thai Police,” said Krishna Murti in a statement received in Jakarta, quoted from the Antara news agency, Tuesday (21/11).

The National Police through the International Relations Division (Hubinter) had previously searched several countries for Christopher. Until finally Christopher was discovered in the Land of the White Elephant.

“Since we received information that the person concerned was in Thailand, we coordinated intensively with the Royal Thai Police,” said Krishna.

Krishna Murti ordered the National Police Attaché (Atpol) in Thailand, Commissioner Endon Nurcahyo, to coordinate with the Thai Police and Thai Immigration regarding Christopher’s arrest and return to Indonesia.

“The Thai Police and Thai Immigration were very cooperative and helped us in arresting this person. “Currently the person concerned is being detained by the Thai Police,” he said.

Then, the suspect Steven will be taken to Jakarta, Indonesia this Tuesday afternoon. “This afternoon we will fly from Bangkok (to Jakarta),” said Krishna.

Christopher’s arrest was thanks to ‘police to police’ cooperation between the Indonesian Republic Police (Polri) and the Royal Thai Police.

This case started with a car storage business plan carried out by Jessica Iskandar with the reported man with the initials CSB. Initially, Jessica left her car with the reported party to rent it later. The losses suffered by Jessica Iskandar due to the fraud totaled IDR 9.8 billion. (Kmb/Balipost)


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