Jony Viale: “Bad losers”

Jony Viale: “Bad losers”

According to Kirchnerism, Milei did not win. Héctor Magnetto, the CEO of Grupo Clarín, won. 55.69% of the population voted for Milei because TN or LN+or Clarín, or radio Rivadavia, or radio Miter, or Infobae dictated the vote to the people.

Alberto Fernández: “If Milei does well, Argentina does well; “I don’t want to be an obstacle.”

There was massive brainwashing. 14,476,462 Argentines voted against the government because of a cover in the Clarín newspaper. With all due respect: they are late. They insist on the hypodermic needle theory. Look at what the dictator of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, said. Now you are going to hear Javier Milei’s response to the dictator Maduro because we asked him about this.

But let’s think about this together. Does it seem to you that 56% of Argentines voted for a neo-Nazi? Do you think that 56% of Argentina is ultra-right? Why don’t they make an effort to understand that Milei is the result of satiety, violence, lies, inflation, corruption, abuse, degradation, immorality, putrefaction, decomposition? of the Argentine social fabric?

Fact for the mature dictator:

1. Milei 55.69%.

2. CFK 54.11%.

Milei got more votes than her admired Cristina. Respect the popular will a little. The people have just punished the worst government of democracy and furthermore, let’s understand this. Milei did not win in Recoleta or San Isidro or Vicente López or Puerto Madero or Belgrano or Núñez.

Javier Milei designs his cabinet: the libertarian will define the ministers and call Pro for second lines

Milei won in Tucuman; in Jujuy; in Catamarca; in Santa Cruz; in Salta; in La Rioja. It is understood? Milei was evidently also voted for in the poorest provinces of Argentina.

Northern Argentina also voted for Milei despite the leaders. Despite the device, despite the silver plan, despite the fear… That means that the fatigue and boredom is phenomenal.


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