Journalists ask AMLO to exercise his right to reply without putting the press at risk

Journalists ask AMLO to exercise his right to reply without putting the press at risk


After the President Andrés Manuel López Obrador displayed the telephone number of the journalist Natalie Kitroeffhead of the correspondent of the The New York Times newspaper in Mexico and co-author of the report who revealed alleged links of his children and close collaborators with drug trafficking, Jan–Albert Hootsenrepresentative for Mexico of the Committee to Protect Journalistsand 42 communicators asked the president exercise your right to reply without putting the press at risk.

Through a letter spread in your account xbefore Twitterpublished by the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJfor its acronym in English) and signed by around 42 journalists, they indicated that “Those who practice and teach journalism in Mexico viewed with great concern the acts of official harassment on February 22 against Natalie Kitroeff.”

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They explained that “Such acts of harassment take place in the context of an epidemic of violence against journalists and in a scenario in which Mexico has the highest rate of murders of journalists outside of war zones in the world.”

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They asserted that “a press harassed from above and practiced in many cases in an atmosphere of threat is not a free press,” which is why they asked that “the rulers at the federal and local levels exercise their right of reply without putting journalists in danger or in a condition of fear of reprisals.”

They demanded that “The rulers comply with the Federal Data Protection Law” and? “the presidential candidates commit to respecting the freedom of the press as well as to recognize their responsibility not to take actions that expose journalists to threats or physical harm.”

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