Junts claims that it has “free hands” to also agree with the PP

Junts claims that it has “free hands” to also agree with the PP


Junts has avoided making bloodshed with the PP after its leader, Alberto Nez Feijowould propose an eventual pardon with conditions to Carles Puigdemont. The spokesperson of the neoconvergents, Josep Riushas refused to delve this Monday into the revelation of the popularbut he has reaffirmed that his party does not owe anything to the PP or the PSOE and has a free hand to agree with any of the two large state parties because it is not part of the Government or the opposition.

Junts does not ask for one thing or another depending on the interlocutor. Our objective is to resolve the political conflict with the right to self-determination. We have our own agenda and we will apply it no matter who falls. We don’t care what the judges, prosecutors and the media say, Rius has elaborated.

The spokesman for the party that inherited Convergncia recalled, however, the assessment made by Puigdemont in the letter he sent last Thursday to the MEPs to react to the European Union’s decision to investigate his links with the Kremlin. If we had made Feijo president, all this would not have happened, said the fugitive, to hold those responsible popular for having maneuvered against him in the European Parliament and for admitting that there was a rapprochement with the PP before making the socialist Pedro Sánchez president of the Government.

Despite opening the door to pacts with the PP if they favor its independence agenda, Junts has been optimistic regarding the negotiation with the PSOE on the modifications to the amnesty law to protect Puigdemont from accusations of terrorism or high treason. We are working to strengthen it and we have time to reach an agreement, Rius said before insisting that they consider these changes necessary to support the processing of the norm.

ERC demands explanations from Junts

The one who has not missed the opportunity to erode his main political rival one year before the Catalan autonomous elections has been ERC. Your spokesperson, Raquel Sanshas demanded that Junts clarify its conversations with the PP in view of Feijo’s investiture, and whether in them they spoke about the amnesty or possible pardons for the Catalan independentists indicted since 2017. Sans has wondered if with the PP’s conversations with Together they are looking for future alliances, is it a smokescreen, or is it just another way to torpedo the amnesty law.

Regarding ERC, Sans has revealed that the PP contacted his party, but that Esquerra refused to start talks since it is not willing to agree with those of the ‘go for them’, those of the Catalua operation, and those who are against the amnesty law.


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