Jurist Abdullah Al-Shayea rules out accepting temporary measures and says:

Jurist Abdullah Al-Shayea rules out accepting temporary measures and says:

Al Jazeera – Ahmed Al-Ajlan

Legal Abdullah Al-Shaya confirmed the right of the player Nawaf Al-Aqidi, only one of the players against whom a set of decisions were issued, to go to the Sports Arbitration Center directly to appeal the ruling issued against him and not to go through the appeals committee according to the regulations, as his sentence exceeds three months, which does not apply to the other players, whose financial punishment also did not exceed 300 one hundred thousand riyals, which is the limit that justifies them to appeal the financial penalty.

Regarding temporary measures and exploiting them in order to postpone the implementation of the suspension from playing, he said: “No request for temporary measures will be accepted, as the most important condition is that the request be for protection from serious harm that cannot be remedied. This condition may be fulfilled in certain circumstances, but I do not see that it applies to any one of them.” were punished)
In further clarification, he said: “Serious damage is severe damage or major damage that cannot be remedied. The player’s failure to participate in the Asian Championship is not considered serious damage that cannot be remedied due to the presence of an alternative to him, and the player’s value or importance cannot be one of the criteria for demanding temporary measures.”
Al-Shaya explained that what is meant by the phrase (a statement not accompanied by an action) in the text of the decision
It is clear in its context that the players did not, in the context of their case, leave the camp, but rather they were not willing or enthusiastic to participate with words alone.

He also confirmed that the suspension includes all official matches, whether local or foreign. .


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