Juventus Udinese 0-1, coup by the Friulians

Juventus Udinese 0-1, coup by the Friulians

Juventus Udinese 0-1, coup of the Friulians away, which removes the nightmare of the relegation zone. And Inter in first place is increasingly further away.

Juventus Udinese 0-1, coup by the Friulians

Udinese defeats Juventus by winning 1-0 in Turin, in the match scheduled today for the 24th matchday of Serie A. The Friulians advance with a goal from Giannetti, who scores in the 25th minute. Allegri’s team remains at 53 points, -7 behind leaders Inter who also have a game to recover, and now have a single point advantage over Milan. Udinese rises to 22 points and frees itself from the relegation zone.

The match

Juve starts with their foot on the accelerator and immediately becomes dangerous: in the 7th minute Cambiaso touches from close range, Okoye gets away with it. The lively start is an illusion, the pace drops and the quality of the show decreases. Allegri’s team shows the usual difficulties in building and Udinese can control the situation without risking anything. The Friulians can also look forward and, thanks to an error by Alex Sandro, they find the goal in the 25th minute.

The Brazilian makes a mistake in his attempt to clear the area, his touch becomes a golden assist for Giannetti who only has to tap it into the net: 0-1. The reaction of the hosts is all nerves. In the 28th minute Cambiaso builds and offers an excellent ball to Milik, the Pole wastes badly. The attacker could redeem himself in the 42nd minute on Alex Sandro’s cross but the conclusion was central.

The recovery

Juve is ruminating on football at the start of the second half while waiting for a favorable episode. In the 56th minute Milik deflects a low cross, the low shot is “saved” in a slide by Perez: for the referee Abisso and for the VAR everything is in order. The referee instead intervened in the 59th minute to cancel the goal scored by the center forward with a header: from Chiesa’s corner, the ball crossed the back line.

In the second half, Juve never shot on goal. Okoye only took a risk in the 82nd minute, when Yildiz – one of the substitutions decided by Allegri – was unable to handle an inviting ball served by Cambiaso. The final forcing from the home team is not there: Udinese beats Turin and wins the third victory of their championship.


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