Kayan Orphans Association and its interest in improving children’s lives

Kayan Orphans Association and its interest in improving children’s lives

On the occasion of International Children’s Day, since the “Kyan” Association for Orphans with Special Circumstances of Unknown Parentage takes great interest in the development and empowerment of its beneficiaries, who are orphaned sons and daughters, and its only concern is for them to be active members of their society, by preserving their rights, and paying attention to every little and big thing that concerns them, so in This is International Children’s Day, which is celebrated by all countries of the world. Kayan Association has the right to raise our hat high for everything it provides to its orphan children, on this International Children’s Day.
Who are the children of Kayan Association?
They are “children” who God Almighty willed that they should exist in life “of unknown parentage” with neither a mother nor a father known to them. A special fatwa was issued to them by His Eminence Sheikh Abdulaziz bin Baz, may God have mercy on him, which read: (Those whose lineage is unknown are subject to the rule of an orphan due to the loss of their parents. Rather, they are more in need of care and care from those of known lineage because they do not know a relative to whom they can turn when necessary.
Kayan Orphan Society aims to excel in developing and empowering orphans with special circumstances and improving their quality of life, so that they can be active members of society. Therefore, the Association has adopted many initiatives and programs that empower its orphans and improve their lives, through a number of initiatives and programs, including:
“Quality of Life Program.”
Which aims to develop and support the psychological and social capabilities of Kayan’s beneficiaries, which achieves stability and societal integration for them, and through which psychological and social counseling is provided to them and to those who care for them, from sponsoring families. The association seeks the assistance of specialized psychological centers for this. The duration of the program is a full year and targets 50 male and female children.
The association also provides its children with many training courses, community participation, programs and projects from which approximately 792 beneficiaries have benefited.
To empower “orphan children religiously,” and in cooperation with the “Alams” library, the “Names of God for Children” program was presented: The Seeing – the Hearing – the Sustainer – the Healer – the Preserver – the Most Merciful, based on the principle that if a child knows his Lord, he loves him, and if he loves him, he obeys Him. . This program has many benefits, including: – That the child gets to know God from his saying: (And to God belong the most beautiful names, so call upon Him by them) and so he believes in his oneness. And to glorify God in himself because of his strength and ability he learns. He develops a feeling that God Almighty is watching him if he knows that He is All-Hearing and All-Seeing. If the child knows that God is the Healer, the Sustainer, the Preserver, and the Most Merciful, he trusts in God to fulfill all his affairs, and thus belief is mixed with his life and his morals are strengthened.
There is also an ongoing series of educational courses “to educate the mother and child” offered monthly, and many have benefited from them. The “Wishes Fulfillment” program was also implemented for our children in foster families, with 25 attendees, and the wishes of 17 sons and daughters were fulfilled.
The “Kyan” Association also implemented the “Kyan Amateurs” program. Which is concerned with developing children’s skills and supporting their hobbies by registering them in specialized centers that support these skills, and aims to: enhance the capabilities of gifted people in various fields to develop their talents by providing the gifted with training programs or registering them in specialized centers that support and develop their talents. 45 male and female beneficiaries benefited from it, and this was in cooperation With the Feather and Loon Academy for Fine Arts, the McKenzie Equestrian Academy, the Assist Football Academy, and the Theater and Performing Arts Authority, they were also taught the skills and professionalism of football.
The Association also implemented the “Marah Initiative” event in cooperation with the Ataa Power Volunteer Team, which included a number of diverse activities in Spar Keys and Panorama Mall, benefiting 40 boys and girls.
In cooperation with the Munqidh Association, the “Munqidh” course was implemented by the Association, which aims to introduce the basics of first aid and practical training. 15 beneficiaries, male and female, benefited from it and were given accredited certificates. Out of Kayan Association’s keenness to instill love for the homeland in the hearts of its orphan children, children participated in activities celebrating National Day in cooperation with the Saudi Riyadh Club.
With the aim of instilling financial values, planning skills, and awareness of money management, investment, and entrepreneurial work, teaching them buying and selling processes, instilling self-confidence, and training them on how to deal with the public, the children were trained on the “Riyadi Kayan” program, which aims to raise financial awareness competencies, enhance the concepts of saving and smart spending, and keep pace with the 2030 economic vision. An exhibition of their work was held for them, where they practiced the buying and selling process themselves. This project received great demand from the orphans.
Kayan Association for Orphans also adopted the idea of ​​the “Wathiq” program, which is based on enabling the student to coexist, rely on himself, and gain confidence that helps him build his personality and integrate into society naturally, in addition to learning the English language and some other skills, while following them up and evaluating the impact, as the Kayan Association is concerned with the development and empowerment of orphans of unknown parentage, not only in terms of living, but also in terms of pedagogical, teaching, self-building and community integration. The association is keen to provide all possible means and programs to achieve these lofty goals.


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