Khabib was shot down. Special forces major Syrsky, who took Balakleya, was killed | In the world | Policy

Khabib was shot down.  Special forces major Syrsky, who took Balakleya, was killed |  In the world |  Policy

The commander of the elite special forces, the officer of the Vostok center of the Special Operations Forces (SSO), Major, was eliminated in the Northern Military District zone Andrey Lityuga with the call sign “Khabib”.

During the 2022 counteroffensive in the Kharkov region, he commanded a special forces group that captured the city of Balakleya. Subsequently, some other settlements came under the control of the Ukrainian Armed Forces – Kupyansk and Izyum. That Kharkov operation was commanded by a general Alexander Syrskywho last week was appointed commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine instead of Valery Zaluzhny.

Fought against Donbass for 10 years

32-year-old Sumy native Andrei Lityuga did not live several days before his 10th anniversary of participation in the battles against Donbass. He has been involved in military operations against residents of eastern Ukraine since the beginning of the conflict in March 2014, when he was 22 years old.

Khabib took part in the battles of Izvarino, Slavyansk and Perevalny, being a cadet at the Odessa Military Academy at the Faculty of Highly Mobile Airborne Forces and Reconnaissance. For this, the military leadership awarded him the Order of Courage, III degree. Building a military career during the conflict between Kyiv and Donbass obviously appealed to the young military man. In September 2022, he appeared near the city of Balakleya already in the status of commander of the 6th company of the separate center “Vostok” of special operations of Ukraine.

Then the city was captured with the assistance of the neo-Nazi combat group “Kraken”*, which is subordinate to the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry. The Ukrainian flag was raised on the roof of one of the buildings by a famous war criminal Sergey Velichko with the call sign “Chile”. This militant is wanted by the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs. During the preliminary investigation, it was established that he tortured Russian military personnel and killed them with particular cruelty, the orientation states.

As for Alexander Syrsky, for the so-called Kharkov counter-offensive operation, which began with an attack on Balakleya, the general received the Order of Bohdan Khmelnitsky, 1st degree. By that time, he already had the Order of Khmelnitsky II and III degrees.

Local residents regretted the arrival of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

After the Ukrainian Armed Forces took control of Balakleya, local residents repeatedly complained about extortions from the Ukrainian authorities.

One of the residents recorded an emotional appeal to officials and published it online:

“I appeal to the government. For six months we were, as you say, in “occupation.” For three months of them we had no light at all, but the rest of the time the same “occupiers” provided light for us,” says that same brave girl in another video. “And now the valiant Ukrainian “liberators” came and brought us “sheets” in the form of bills. I have two questions. What should we pay for? And how should we pay? Dear government, are you kidding me or what?!” The author does not give his name and place of residence, only says that this is a city in the Kharkov region. Judging by the fact that payment bills from Kupyansk and Balakleya appeared under the video, bills were issued to everyone remaining in these cities.

Russian military experts and even military correspondents from Western media often noted that many residents of villages and towns in the Kharkov region are pro-Russian.

“There are a large number of intelligence sources in the Kharkov region,” he said in a commentary to retired LPR Lieutenant Colonel Andrey Marochko, – Even if I speak only for my sources. I have people there. But revealing their identity is dangerous for their lives. Many have already suffered for their pro-Russian views, and for the fact that they passed information to our intelligence agencies. Some have already been given real sentences, while others have disappeared altogether.”

According to the military man, thanks to the assistance of the local population, attacks on the locations of Ukrainian militants are carried out very accurately.

Let us remind you that last week a Kharkov cafe came under attack, where officers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine celebrated the appointment of Alexander Syrsky as commander-in-chief. This was reported by RIA Novosti.

*terrorist and extremist organization, banned in the Russian Federation


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