Khawar Manika should not have opened the veil of her own house: Parvez Elahi

Khawar Manika should not have opened the veil of her own house: Parvez Elahi

Former Punjab Chief Minister Pervez Elahi—File photo

Former Punjab Chief Minister Pervez Elahi says that Khawar Manika should have given an interview when Chairman PTI was the Prime Minister, Khawar Manika should not have opened the door of her own house.

This morning, the police took former Punjab Chief Minister Pervez Elahi from Adiala Jail to Islamabad. The hearing against Pervez Elahi will be held in the Anti-Terrorism Court of Islamabad.

A case has been registered against Parvez Elahi in the police station CDC.

Parvez Elahi said during an informal conversation with journalists in the courtroom that inflation in the country was caused by Shahbaz Sharif and Nawaz Sharif, both of them are pampered, gas prices have increased again, both of them have made life difficult for the people. Is.

He said that through which mouth will Shahbaz Sharif and Nawaz Sharif take votes from the public, the government offices are doing political work, the Election Commission should take notice, the same is happening in Lahore, which mouth will the police and administration use for them. Asking for votes.

The former Chief Minister of Punjab says that if the schedule comes, we will go to the Supreme Court, after Allah, the Supreme Court will provide justice.

Pervaiz Elahi said that all those who left the party will come back, the vote belongs to PTI, don’t leave PTI, the Chief Election Commissioner should give us our right, let us hold rallies, our captain is also strong.

He further said that there was a meeting with the IMF delegation even before the arrest of Chairman PTI, I have not yet met Chairman PTI in jail.

Pervez Elahi also says that the election date cannot be changed now, election atmosphere will be created after the schedule, election will be fought on the bat mark, after the election schedule, the ticket will be ours, our election campaign will not be stopped. If possible, if one has a weak heart, then stand the lawyer as a covering candidate.


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