‘Khun Sumanee’ tells the story of her near-death moment. Reveals that he still wants to continue living Take good care of yourself and don’t depend on anyone.

‘Khun Sumanee’ tells the story of her near-death moment.  Reveals that he still wants to continue living  Take good care of yourself and don’t depend on anyone.

Open the heart of the famous celebrity “Khun Sumanee Kunakasem”, a top millionaire. of Thailand, the owner of the nickname Thai Barbie Revealing the story of his childhood during World War II, which was very difficult, having been shot and had his heart cut open, and almost died many times. Currently 87 years old but still strong. Take care of yourself to be healthy without relying on anyone. I want to live life to the fullest. I want to live a long life to continue watching the cutting edge on the WOODY FM program.

We haven’t seen each other in almost 10 years, but you haven’t changed at all. You’re 80 now, right?
Ms. Sumanee: Yes, 87 already.

Still the same, Energy is the same. What is the secret that keeps us the same? What time do you sleep?
Ms. Sumanee: Before Covid, I danced to bed at 2 a.m. It’s not good at all. Otherwise, I’m much younger now (laughs). I dance every night. The next morning I worked and in the afternoon I was gone.

Look at your life, you are very active?
Ms. Sumanee: Yes, I haven’t stopped at all. But when the work is done, it’s over.

You don’t eat meat at all?
Ms. Sumanee: Yes, I haven’t taken it for 8-9 years, since I had cancer in my uterus. We had my uterus removed. And received a lot of chemo. Luckily I didn’t lose. So when I think about it, I’m getting older. I don’t want to continue to commit sin. Another thing is that he said that meat is not good for diseases like the one we have. It will pop up again soon. But luckily, it’s been almost 10 years and it hasn’t appeared anywhere else. I just went to check. I found another heart surgery. This year, I’m called a really stubborn person (laughs). Even though I cut 4 hearts, I survived. The doctor took out the heart and hung it and then put in a fake heart during surgery to change the heart and whatnot. If you take the line on your leg, there’s a long wound. Take the blood vessel from the leg. Come change and put your heart back in again. Take out the fake heart and you can survive. I can still dance and make crazy songs.

Ms. Sumanee is an inspiration to many people. How to live life and think until there are many fans following And there are a lot on social media too. Does the team let you shoot content almost every day?
Ms. Sumanee: Almost every day.

Why did you decide to reveal your bare face to the media?
Ms. Sumanee: Sometimes we wake up and feel lazy. Sometimes Khun Yai also comes to take pictures. He just took it and took it down. What are you eating honey and bananas about? (laughs) My face hasn’t been washed yet. Take pictures and take pictures and try to see if people have fun.

What type of food do you eat? Please try sharing it. In case it is useful for some people?
Ms. Sumanee: I have been taking Manuka honey for many years. One tablespoon of royal jelly per day 3 drops of millet oil helps with skin. I completely cut out sugar. I didn’t eat sweets. At most I just tasted one bite.

How do you think about discipline? Because many people want to have discipline in their lives?
Ms. Sumanee: The thing that we are afraid of dying. I also want to be healthy and beautiful and not have to rely on other people too much. As I get older I want to be able to help myself. Otherwise, what happiness would there be in this world? We take the trouble to take care of ourselves. Reduce the urge to eat I want delicious food like I’ve always had before.

Difficulties since childhood?
Ms. Sumanee: When I was over 3 years old, I followed my father to Penang. At that time, my father went to be the consul general in Penang. Then World War 2 broke out, in the past Penang was under the British. And at that time, how were England and Japan fighting? That is, there was no bunker at that time. Suddenly came to bomb Penang is completely destroyed. There was a fire everywhere, and there was no food because the market was bombed on fire. Therefore, he stayed for 9 days and 9 nights and stayed in the hole that he secretly dug himself. Then take the bathtub and cover it up. There were bombs every 15 minutes. When the plane stopped, the cooks ran to cook rice and share it with each other, and they only ate plain rice. And it’s good that Mom brought a can of biscuits. When we rested, Mother brought them to me, one sheet at a time. At that time, I was still very young. Fortunately, Field Marshal P. announced an alliance with Japan, so we were spared. Father then took a Thai flag and laid it out in the front yard of the house. So he refrained from bombing and was ordered to move back. But on the way back from Penang by train, he was shot all the way. The nanny was shot and his mouth was torn open. My parents took my older brother and put him in the doll basket. It was very adventurous at that time.

When my husband passed away, at that time, how did you get over it?
Ms. Sumanee: I don’t have time to get over it. Because then I immediately have to think about what kind of temple I have to go to. Must inform the palace I run through many stories. After the ceremony ended, I started to feel lonely. It’s really all alone. Until today, I’m all alone. If you have children, your life will be your own. You can’t depend on him 24 hours a day.

The income that I have continued to receive lately is from having space to rent. Make accommodations for people to rent And I told Woody 10 years ago that among the businesses that can be continued, one of them is real estate?
Ms. Sumanee: Yes, it is still true at this time. But actually we have to think a little further. Because at this time there is AI. Now I’m going to invest and invite my children to invest. Even though I want to live a long life so I can continue to see the latest trends. I want to stay visible.

Is there anything that you want to do but haven’t done yet?
Ms. Sumanee: I don’t want to leave yet. I want to see something strange and new. Let it be seen again and again.

He said that people in his elder’s age are gradually Starting from scratch?
Ms. Sumanee: Yes, many friends have already gone. There are fewer people. It’s natural. I don’t know if the next life still exists or not (laughs).

Later, when I went to the funeral, I came back to reflect on my life today, whether it was fully fulfilled or not, whether it was clearing or whether it was still stuck. As for Ms. Sumanee herself, there is nothing outstanding, right?
Ms. Sumanee: Yes, if it’s really necessary, something like this can’t be helped, it’s a matter of nature. Just half a day of life is very precious. What can you do that you haven’t done yet? Maybe do a little more, something like this. Therefore, live your life to the fullest. without causing other people to suffer.

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