Kirkorov came to the occupiers in Horlovka and cynically sang the song Bylyk (video)

Kirkorov came to the occupiers in Horlovka and cynically sang the song Bylyk (video)

The Putinist again distinguished himself with a cynical concession.

The Russian singer Philip Kirkorov, who is now making every possible appearance of sins in front of the Kremlin, came to the occupiers in Horlovka. He spoke in front of the medics and the wounded, who had previously been at the front and exterminated the Ukrainian military.

The cynical Putinist not only supported the occupiers, but also sang them a song by the famous Ukrainian singer Iryna Bylyk called “Snow”.

In the Russian Federation, they had already made fun of Kirkorov and noted that he had even forgotten the words of a song that he had repeatedly performed at his concerts because of the excitement.

By the way, Kirkorov is thus trying to beg forgiveness from Putin after the “naked party” of Nastya Ivleeva, in which he took part.

After that, the artist was canceled. His concerts were interrupted, and he was cut out of films.

It is also worth noting that Kirkorov supported the Kremlin’s aggression even in the first days of the full-scale Russian invasion. Probably, for him the most important thing in life is bloody rubles, not honor and conscience.

We will remind you that earlier the “red riding hood” Poplavskaya was furious with Kirkorov. She resents the fact that they started returning him to rosTV.

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