Kitchen: how to set the table correctly

Kitchen: how to set the table correctly

Cutlery is placed to the left and right of the central plate.

The Ministry of Education and Science and the website “Professional Education Online” reported on the “Master of Restaurant Service” course.

“Serve dinner at home, like in a restaurant, or get a qualification and get a job at your favorite establishment? Whatever our goals, this message will be useful to you,” – writes MES.

How to set the table correctly

The fork is placed to the left of the plate.

A spoon and a knife are the right thing. Knife – blade to plate.

Dessert utensils – above the plate.

Wine glasses – in the center or to the right of the plate.


The Ministry of Education and Science has published an infographic

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The order of the plates should be as follows: from the bottom, dining, then salad, soup.

Dessert sets are placed in front of a plate (small dining room or snack) in the following order (from the plate to the center of the table): knife, fork, spoon.

The wine glass can be placed in the center behind the plate or placed to the right and placed behind the knives.

Simple folded napkins are used for breakfast and lunch, more complex forms are used for dinner or when serving banquets.

No matter how the napkin is folded, the main requirement is that it can be unfolded easily, and that it does not look crumpled when unfolded.


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