Kothari: We will hit the occupying regime at the appropriate place

Kothari: We will hit the occupying regime at the appropriate place

Chosen analytical news site (Entekhab.ir):

Ilana: A member of the Islamic Council said: We definitely consider it our right to strike at the body of this occupying regime in the right place, and we will definitely do it at the right time, and let them know that it is not like they will come and do anything. They can do whatever they want and we will sit quietly

About Israel’s attack on the Iranian consulate building in Syria, Ismail Kothari said: According to the 1961 UN Convention, the occupying regime of Al-Quds has committed an internecine violation, which is an invasion of a territory, because hitting the consulate and embassy is like an invasion of a territory.

This parliamentarian emphasized: Therefore, the main members of the United Nations should have a meeting as soon as possible and decide on this matter, and take a strong action against the perpetrators of this crime, which is the regime occupying Jerusalem and headed by Netanyahu, of course, this order is without It cannot be coordinated with America.

He continued: “If there is an order, they will abuse their authority to issue orders and will definitely veto it.” But this should remain in history and be proven to the freedom seekers of the world and independent countries, what crimes are they committing in Gaza and Palestine these days, and according to what they themselves approved and wrote the law, they themselves are committing obvious violations, and in the end, this regime occupying Jerusalem must be punished. Make a decisive decision.

Kothari pointed out: We definitely consider it our right to hit the body of this occupying regime in the right place, we will definitely do it at the right time and let them know that it is not like they can do anything and do whatever they want. They let us sit quietly and watch them make any mistakes and not be held accountable. We will definitely do this with the decisions that the authorities will make.

Regarding the fact that it is said that these actions of the Zionist regime are aimed at dragging Iran into a direct conflict and war, he said: There are certainly so many elements in the resistance front that they will definitely do this, if necessary, we ourselves. We do this.

This member of parliament said: Israel has been in the 360 ​​square kilometer area of ​​Gaza for 6 months, and the rest of that time will it come to be equal with us? no These, because they have seen that they could not achieve any goal there and Israel’s reputation in the world is going down, so behind it are the supporting countries, especially America and Europe and some Arab countries that support them, they could not achieve any of their goals that they specified in the first days of the October 7 incident. Therefore, their reputation goes down in the world, so this is where they want to do something to take the attention from there to other places so that they are not constantly under question and scrutiny.

He reminded: Therefore, even the Americans vetoed the first ceasefire, but they abstained from the second one, which means that they do not comply with the law that was approved even there, because some factors in the United States do not allow this to be done from the other side. They also help to commit these crimes with 2-pound and 900 km missiles. So the fact is that the United Nations should quickly hold a meeting and condemn and follow up on this matter, and they will be the cause of a court case, and this side will definitely be held accountable and we will take the measures we decide so that they do not dare to act. Do such a thing.


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