Krakow is planning a budget for 2024

Krakow is planning a budget for 2024

Krakow’s draft budget for 2024 assumes that the city’s total revenues will reach almost PLN 8 billion, which means their increase by 16.5%. compared to the plan adopted for 2023 (then the starting amount in the project was PLN 6,800 million).

The city’s total expenses in 2024 are planned at PLN 8,558 million – an amount that is 6.7% higher than last year. higher than that adopted for 2023 (PLN 8,022 million).

City revenues

According to the project, the city’s total revenue in 2024 consists of:

  • own revenues of the commune (PLN 3,047 million)
  • the commune’s share in PIT and CIT taxes (PLN 2,951 million)
  • subsidies and subsidies from the state budget (PLN 1,960 million)
  • funds from foreign sources (PLN 35 million).


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