Kwon Oh-kwang, Director of Gangwon Economic Promotion Agency, “Support for Gangwon-made products to be recognized at home and abroad… “Target overseas through branding with a clean image”

Kwon Oh-kwang, Director of Gangwon Economic Promotion Agency, “Support for Gangwon-made products to be recognized at home and abroad…  “Target overseas through branding with a clean image”


“Securing export stability by diversifying markets
“Targeting from Central Asia, which has great potential.”

“We will actively support products made by Gangwon companies to be recognized not only domestically but also overseas.”

Kwon Oh-gwang (pictured), head of the Gangwon-do Economic Promotion Agency, said, “We will help local companies target overseas markets by branding Gangwon-do’s ‘clean’ image, which is its strength.” Director Kwon emphasized that he will actively utilize online e-commerce, especially for overseas exports.

Director Kwon will celebrate his first year in office in June. Director Kwon is a financial expert who has worked at a private financial company for 33 years, including as a managing director at Kyobo Life Insurance and an executive director at DGB Life Insurance. He is the first president of the Gangwon Economic Promotion Agency to come from the financial world, and from the time he took office, he was highly anticipated as the right person to grow the Gangwon economy.

In an interview with Segye Ilbo on the 3rd, Director Kwon expressed confidence in exports, saying, “Gangwon-do products are already sufficiently competitive.” He said, “There is no one in Korea who does not know Gangwon Korean beef. “When I think of Chuncheon, I immediately think of dakgalbi,” he said. “The content is sufficient. “The problem is how to introduce Gangwon-made products overseas through online e-commerce,” he explained.

He continued, “Preparations began with the launch of Gangwon Special Self-Governing Province in June of last year,” adding, “We are in the era of traveling abroad to try Jamon, a Spanish ham. “It won’t be long before foreigners come to Gangwon-do and Chuncheon to eat dakgalbi,” he predicted.

Director Kwon also emphasized diversification of overseas markets. Gangwon-do’s main export countries are the United States, China, and Japan. It mainly sells medical electronic devices and pharmaceuticals, and about half of its total exports come from these countries. He explained, “We are trying to secure export stability by diversifying markets,” and “First, we will target Central Asia, which has great potential.” He continued, “To secure the competitiveness of Gangwon companies, we are providing various support in a total of 76 areas, including funding, marketing, and intellectual property rights consultation.” In particular, support will increase this year compared to last year. In the corporate support field, we plan to support 44,470 cases, a 15% increase from last year (38,822 cases), and in the job field, we plan to support 37,080 cases, a 31% increase.

Director Kwon’s goal is to complete a virtuous cycle structure. As exports increase, companies grow and jobs are created. The logic is that as a result, population will flow and the economy will revive. Director Kwon’s plan is in line with the ‘Future Gangwon 2032 Development Strategy’ put forward by Gangwon Province Governor Kim Jin-tae. This includes the key goals of the 8th popularly elected provincial administration, including achieving a population of 2 million and achieving a total regional production of 100 trillion won. Director Kwon said, “I believe it is my calling to help Gangwon’s development strategy be realized ahead of schedule, and I will do my best.”

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