La Spezia, harassment of students, former janitor arrested

La Spezia, harassment of students, former janitor arrested

He would have approached them in the corridors and common areas, during school hours. A nightmare that three students of the “Pacinotti” scientific high school in La Spezia – an adult, already at the time of the events, and two minors – reported and which led to the arrest of a 57-year-old former janitor of the historic institute, originally from La Spezia ; the provision was signed by investigating judge Diana Brusacà as part of the investigation conducted by prosecutor Federica Mariucci. Instead of lessons, harassment: groping and a kiss on the cheek that the high school students would have suffered between May and June 2023, when the school year was now coming to an end, from the former collaborator, defended by the lawyer Paolo Mione. In support of the three girls there would be some testimonies from their companions: some of whom would have witnessed the events, while others would have gathered the confidences of the three, shocked by what was reported.

On Friday morning the validation interrogation of the janitor, who at the time of his arrest was on duty in another institution in the province: according to what we learn from sources, the man worked until the time of his arrest, which took place today, on the floor of the secretary, without having contact with other students. When interviewed by us, the staff of the “Pacinotti” scientific high school, a historic school in La Spezia, did not comment.


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