Last deadline to convert paper permits into unique ID How many days do license holders have?

Last deadline to convert paper permits into unique ID  How many days do license holders have?

According to Hamshahri Online, the head of the National Center for Business Environment Improvement said on the sidelines of the ceremony of converting the paper licenses of 6 trade unions into unique identifiers: until today (24 February 1402), more than 20,000 licenses have been converted into unique identifiers; But according to the law, all licenses must be converted into IDs by the end of the year.

Amir Sayah stated: The law has given a two-year deadline for all paper licenses to be converted to electronic ones in the country, and based on this, all services to economic operators will be provided with a unique electronic ID from next year.

The head of the Business Environment Monitoring and Improvement Center continued: All economic operators who have a business license have the opportunity to receive a unique ID by the end of the year. To get a unique ID, only zip code, trade ID, mobile phone number and national code are required.

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Emphasizing the importance of connecting all devices to the national license portal, he said: almost all devices, except for the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Science, and a part of the Ministry of Mines, have not yet been connected to this system to convert the license into a unique identifier, but we are trying to do this by the end of the year. Connect ID. Of course, the Ministry of Education will be connected to the unique ID by the end of this month.

Sayah emphasized: 20,000 unique IDs have been issued for guilds, but according to what the Chamber of Guilds has announced, there are more than 3 million guild units in the country.

He said: “There are more than one million underground trade unions in the country that operate on Instagram, various sites and shops without a license, and they must receive a unique ID from next year in order to continue their activities and receive government services.”


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