Launch of Lucid Gravity, changing the definition of electric SUV – Bangkok Today news agency

Launch of Lucid Gravity, changing the definition of electric SUV – Bangkok Today news agency

  • The new Lucid Gravity marks the start of a new era for SUVs. or electric SUV It combines unprecedented features in a single vehicle. It is expected to have a maximum driving range of more than 440 miles.1
  • Lucid’s innovations in electric vehicle technology and battery packaging Makes the inside of the car spacious and luxurious. Ready to accommodate seven adults and their luggage. Without the need for a large, bulky exterior and instability of movement. This is a feature often found in traditional large three-seat SUVs.
  • The Gravity features an all-new SUV platform and a new generation of Lucid’s award-winning, proprietary electric powertrain. Ready to provide the most enjoyable driving experience.
  • Lucid has previously shown its ability to produce excellent and highly praised electric luxury sedans. Gravity will now take the Lucid into the much larger SUV market.
  • The Lucid Gravity will go on sale in late 2024. Like the Lucid Air, prices for the Gravity will start at less than $80,000.2

Newark, California :

Lucid Group Inc. (Lucid Group, Inc.) (NASDAQ: LCID), an automotive company that sets a new standard in luxury electric vehicles with the 2023 World Luxury Car Award winner, Lucid Air. Air) is changing the definition of excellence once again. With the unveiling of the much-anticipated industry-pioneering new luxury electric SUV, Lucid Gravity, the SUV continues the innovations that Introduced for the first time in the Lucid Air sedan, the concept creates a luxury electric SUV without any compromises. It is a high-performance vehicle with room for seven adults and their luggage. and has a maximum driving range of more than 440 miles.1 The Lucid Gravity SUV will make its public debut today at the Los Angeles Auto Show, with production starting later this year. 2567

“The Gravity SUV represents a significant leap forward in Lucid’s world-leading technology and design. Customers will experience an unprecedented combination of space and mobility, luxury and functionality. All combined seamlessly into one outstanding vehicle. with the driving experience and range of a true Lucid vehicle,” said Peter Rawlinson, CEO and Chief Technology Officer of Lucid. “Innovative electric vehicle powertrain technology owned by Lucid combined with our holistic approach to automotive engineering development has made the air-conditioned sedan redefine what is possible in a luxury sports sedan. For this Gravity model These innovations have progressed. And our new generation of technology is being applied with even greater results. This results in an electric SUV that can travel for more than 440 miles.1 It has a battery pack that is nearly half the size compared to some competitors that require larger batteries.”

Gravity design: perfect combination of form and function.
“At Lucid, we believe in pushing the boundaries of design. We adhere to this idea to increase spaciousness and openness. Aerodynamic efficiency and full use benefits The result is an electric SUV with an unprecedented combination of features,” said Derek Jenkins, Lucid’s Senior Vice President of Design and Branding. Whether it’s an SUV with lots of luggage capacity for a family camping trip. Or a long-distance grand tourer that can cover hundreds of miles between stops? This Gravity Car is designed to be versatile. Our team is dedicated to creating SUVs that perfectly combine form and function. Resulting in a vehicle that is both outstanding and beautiful. It has excellent multi-use benefits. It also provides a superior luxury driving experience.”

Lucid’s commitment to excellence in design The interior is spacious and airy. and the benefits of various uses Makes Gravity different from competitors to another level. The exterior was designed to combine the aesthetics and functionality of the Gravity car. and gave importance to efficiency until achieving the target traction coefficient of less than 0.243 This is an aerodynamic feature that no other three-seat SUV can match. Meanwhile With the powerful appearance of Gravity It consists of a spacious front hood storage area. Sleek shape Long cabin The car’s side wings are outstanding. and a sporty rear spoiler Gravity vehicles show the potential to serve the diverse needs of everyday drivers.

Inside, the Gravity has plenty of cargo space and is impressively flexible. The cabin has spacious and comfortable seats. and also increases convenience to another level The second and third rows of seats can be folded flat to create a total of more than 112 cubic feet of cargo space for an easily accessible combination of comfort and cargo capacity. The sliding second-row seats come with fold-down tables available for a superior backseat experience. There is ample legroom in every row of seats. including the third row To provide the option to accommodate seven passengers comfortably. This makes the Gravity the ideal vehicle for any adventure.

Gravity has invested heavily in the Lucid Clearview Cockpit user interface, which features a 34-inch intelligently responsive curved OLED screen. It floats above the Gravity’s innovative new steering wheel. Perfectly aligned with the driver’s line of sight, Lucid’s Pilot Panel returns to Gravity. With touch bar for quick access. Placed next to the new glass center console. It elegantly slides open to provide additional storage space. The SUV also uses Lucid’s new software. Comes with built-in wireless updates (over-the-air) to provide continuous improvement.

Sports car performance and driving range of the Lucid style.
The Gravity’s outstanding performance starts with an all-new platform developed from the start as a sports SUV. Seamlessly integrated with Lucid’s proprietary next-generation ultra-compact powertrain technology. Including the highest power density electric vehicle motors produced worldwide. It also features Lucid’s enhanced 900-volt electric architecture. The Gravity is more than just a luxury SUV. But it is also a powerhouse. It accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in less than 3.5 seconds while boasting a massive payload capacity of over 1,500 pounds and an additional towing capacity of 6,000 pounds.4

The Gravity SUV’s performance extends well beyond paved roads. In this respect, Lucid offers Zero Gravity, an optional enhanced air bag that automatically adapts to a variety of terrain conditions. type This makes driving smooth and comfortable on all surfaces. You can also adjust your own settings. This makes it possible to raise the body of the Gravity vehicle to maximize off-road performance. Or lower the car body to increase performance and driving distance to the maximum.

“Lucid’s design and engineering philosophy The emphasis has always been on doing less to achieve more. Gravity cars apply this principle to give customers more of what they want. The whole area is more More usability and more driving distance But do not increase the number of battery cells more than necessary. Does not increase the cost of ownership without adding unnecessary weight,” said Eric Bach, Senior Vice President of Product and Chief Engineer of Lucid. “We believe in pushing the boundaries of what is possible. With a battery pack that’s about half the size of some of its competitors. Gravity is an environmentally friendly and versatile electric car. It comes with the spirit of a supercar.”

Beyond performance, the Gravity SUV sets a new standard for SUVs with a smaller, lighter and more sustainable battery pack. while still providing excellent driving range. It is expected to cover a range of more than 440 miles.1 The Gravity uses an enhanced 900-volt architecture and the company’s renowned ultra-fast charging rates. This makes it one of the fastest electric vehicle charging systems in the world. Customers can charge for up to 200 miles of driving range in approximately 15 minutes.5 This makes it convenient and requires little time to park and charge during long journeys. In this respect, the Lucid Gravity sets a new standard for SUVs. Proving that efficiency, luxury and high performance can go together.

“Gravity vehicles will take our customers further with fewer batteries. Therefore, it uses less valuable energy,” Mr. Rawlinson added “The vehicle’s smaller, lighter, higher-tech battery pack uses less precious metals and minerals. Uses less energy to charge. Consumes less electricity Puts less pressure on the electrical grid. It also makes the car lighter and more dynamic. In this sense, when we announce that we are here to drive technology development, This is our aim. This is real sustainability.”

The Gravity Driver Experience: Beyond mere luxury.
Gravity cars offer a great experience of luxury inside. which is designed to meet both physical and mental needs Whether the materials are carefully selected Excellent finishing and texture From the thoughtfully placed accents, every aspect of Gravity is sustainably created with care and awareness for the environment. Moreover, A holistic driver experience not only responds to basic senses. But it also gives importance to health. Featuring interactive wellness features like Lucid Sanctuary and Lucid Spaces, every Gravity experience is made possible. Take it to the next level with Lucid Sanctuary, a series of game-changing experiences carefully designed to provide peace on the go. Whether you’re on the road or parked at a charging station, Lucid Spaces helps transform your cabin into a tranquil oasis with just one tap. Ready to immerse drivers in the soothing atmosphere of places like Lake Tahoe or Joshua Tree National Park, Lucid has partnered with the experts at Meditopia ( Meditopia) to offer a guided meditation experience that provides a private space for peace of mind. without leaving the car

Price and availability
Gravity brings the most advanced technology and best electric mobility experience to the widest possible range of users. It comes at a competitive price in the large premium SUV category. It is expected to start at less than $80,000.2 Production is expected to begin in late 2024. Customers interested in Lucid Gravity can register at

*Gravity is in pre-production. and the above features are subject to change.


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