Launching of the Reading Clubs Forum at the King Abdulaziz Public Library

Launching of the Reading Clubs Forum at the King Abdulaziz Public Library

Al Jazeera – Saad Al-Musabeh

His Excellency the General Supervisor of the King Abdulaziz Public Library, Mr. Faisal bin Abdulrahman bin Muammar, explained that young people today are distinguished by the knowledge they possess, made available to them by the modern technologies that they have mastered, indicating that the challenges facing them are represented by experience, knowledge of their ancient and modern history, and the system of values.

This came during the launch of the first Reading Clubs Forum, which was organized by the King Abdulaziz Public Library in Riyadh with the participation of (50) reading clubs from various parts of the Kingdom. To discuss the challenges it faces, namely how to encourage reading, and provide tools that facilitate, encourage, and address issues facing those searching for sources of knowledge, in interaction with the pioneering role played by the Ministry of Culture in consolidating and developing knowledge and encouraging reading through the national cultural project to renew the connection to the book. , which constitutes one of the library’s cultural programs.

His Excellency explained that the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 carries with it many social, cultural, intellectual and material projects, as the vision works to consolidate the concepts of culture and the search for knowledge, pointing out that the young generation has a great responsibility to absorb the development taking place in the whole world, and keep pace with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s progress. Unprecedented development and modernization in which the rulers – may God protect them – lead our generous homeland to the ranks of the developed countries of the world, God willing.

Ibn Muammar concluded by saying: We work to ensure that sources of knowledge achieve their goals through conscious reading and deep understanding. Let us learn about the opportunities, risks, and the biggest challenge here: access to sources of knowledge, whether through traditional reading, or through other sources and different readings through modern technologies.

It is noteworthy that the national cultural project to renew the connection with the book constitutes one of the sustainable national cultural projects of the King Abdulaziz Public Library. It aims to deepen the ties between community members and books, by providing an appropriate environment for reading activities, and providing an incubator for research, reading, and reading initiatives, as well as a group of activities and sub-projects, the most prominent of which are the Free Reading Festival for male and female general education students, the mobile library, mobile learning resources, and a library branch. King Abdulaziz General Assembly at the airport, a forum for their experiences in reading, a forum for their experiences in reading, and cultural forums.


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