Lechrain Volleys teams have a lot to be happy about

Lechrain Volleys teams have a lot to be happy about

The women’s II of the Lechrain Volleys are at the top of the district class and the U12 females qualify for the Upper Bavarian championship.

The last match day brought the Lechrain Volleys some successes again. The ladies II extended their lead in district class 2 and the U12 female qualified for the Upper Bavarian championship.

The Ladies II had to complete two nerve-racking five-set thrillers at their home game in the well-attended Kaufering Montessori Hall against two TV Planegg-Krailling teams. First it was against the guests’ third team. The LRV ladies stumbled into the game and dropped the first two sets (21:25/17:25). After changes in almost all positions, the third and fourth sets were won 25:21 each. In the tiebreak, the Lechrain Volleys got off to a better start and defeated Planegg-Krailling 15:6.

After this exhausting game, coach Tom Arzberger and his team then had to face the fourth team. The Lechrain Volleys were able to draw on the 14-man squad. After the first set was lost 20:25, the home team won the next set 25:18. Since both the guests and then LRV won a set, the tiebreak was due again. Thanks to the 15:12, the points stayed at home. The ladies II of the Lechrain Volleys are now in first place in district class 2.

She also had reason to be happy U12 female. For the first time in the young history of the Lechrain Volleys, a U12 made it to the final of a district championship. There the LRV I team lost to ASV Dachau I. This meant qualification for the Upper Bavarian championship in December. LRV II placed tenth and LRV III placed 20th out of 21 overall.

Furious final spurt by the Lechrain Volleys in the semi-final against Esting

In the preliminary round, the team LRV I faced ASV Dachau III and Diessen to do. After this preliminary round victory – the duel with Dießen was a clear matter this time – the team was in the quarter-finals. There they played against ASV Dachau II, who also had no chance. Esting I waited in the semi-finals. The girls won the first set confidently. They implemented the tactical route excellently. In the second sentence the concentration faded. When the score was 13:7 for the opponent, the players hung their heads. During the last time out, coach Huber motivated his girls and calmed them down. He reminded them where to put the balls and then they would win – and that’s how it happened: They fought for one point after the other and won in a hotly contested second set. In the final against ASV Dachau, it was clear to the Lechrain Volleys that they still needed experience in dealing with pressure.

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The LRV II team was a bit unlucky in two very close games and could perhaps have finished a little further ahead. A win against Dießen seemed within reach. LRV III also had a sense of success in the last game of the tournament and won against Oberweikertshofen I.

The match day went well for them U15 female in Fürstenfeldbruck. The LRV team I won all four games without any problems and, thanks to this confident performance, took the lead in the table. The second team only had to admit defeat to LRV I and won two, as did LRV III. This means that the Lechrain Volleys are in first, third and fourth place in District League 1.

The male U16 competed in Weilheim. The team started with a narrow 2-1 win against Puchheim. They also won 2-0 against Weilheim. The team had to admit defeat against first-placed Planegg-Krailling and second-placed Germering. (AZ)


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