Legislatures 2024: how, when and where to vote in advance? A guide to not fail elections

Legislatures 2024: how, when and where to vote in advance?  A guide to not fail elections

The period is still pre-campaign, marked by television debates between parties with parliamentary seats, but the structure for early voting in this year’s legislative elections is already being set up. And there are several dates to take into account, depending on the situation in which each voter finds himself.

In Portugal, early voting is provided for all citizens moving within the national territory, for those who are hospitalized or in a prison, and for those who are displaced outside the country.

Vote for mobility in the national territory

Although the elections are only scheduled for March 10th, anyone wishing to vote on the move across the country will be able to do so a week earlier, on March 3rd. As in previous elections, you can vote at a chosen location (yet to be announced) in any municipality in the country, but to do so you must express your intention. It is between the 25th and 29th of this month that the request must be made, with postal and electronic means being available, through the website

Vote of hospitalized and imprisoned patients

In the case of hospitalized patients and prisoners, there is a different procedure for early voting. The period to apply runs until February 19th, with interest being expressed to the Mayor of the City Council where the voter is registered. Then, between February 26th and 29th, the mayor will go to the hospital or prison establishment where the reader is located and collect the respective vote.

Early voting abroad

Voting for voters traveling abroad takes place in advance at embassies or consulates previously defined by the MNE, but is only available for the reasons provided for by law. At stake are citizens exercising public or private functions, those who are representing the national team, as students, researchers, teachers and research fellows traveling abroad, as well as patients undergoing treatment abroad and those who live with their voters mentioned in the previous situations or accompany them. The Organizing Committee for the Electoral Census of Portuguese Abroad (COREPE) has already announced the places where early voting can be carried out abroad.


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