“Leng Natthaphon” wins the nickname “Scene Stealer” Suhok “Mew Suphasit” acting teacher in dramas “Mon Rak Luk Thung 2024”

“Leng Natthaphon” wins the nickname “Scene Stealer” Suhok “Mew Suphasit” acting teacher in dramas  “Mon Rak Luk Thung 2024”

It didn’t take long to enter the entertainment industry. A young actor with a round face Leng-Nattaphon Nildonwai I’ve been given a nickname. By the hottest latest drama “Mon Rak Luk Thung 2024” that is being broadcast every Friday night at 10:45 p.m. on Channel 3HD, press 33, Noom Leng joins in as “Kham” Younger friend, close friend of the most popular hero. Mew-Suppasit was secretly nicknamed by viewers “Scene Stealer” Because the performance was very smooth. Even in that scene There will be no dialogue!!!

Many people may not know much about Num Leng. We would like to tell you a little bit about the origins of this young man. Leng-Nattaphon Nildonwai A 23-year-old young actor with a bright face and a bright smile, steps into the entertainment industry. By entering the contest Mister Universe Thailand 2021-2022 in the name Mr. Universe Nakhon Si Thammarat Child sculpted under the spell of a golden sculptor Dr. Warodom Sirisuk that can win 3 big prizes on this stage including the 2nd runner-up award, Rising Star, and the charming young man award

Young Leng didn’t take long to fully enter the entertainment industry. with the first movie “Black magic kills” Until the drama “Mon Rak Luk Thung 2024” and grabbed the role “Full hero” In the Y series Youngboy, the high schooler with the red cloth.” of the red label organizer Nikhom Golden Coin that is currently being filmed And there is a queue for broadcasting on Channel 3HD, press 33, within this year too!!!

In addition to working in the entertainment industry Young Leng didn’t abandon his studies. Because he graduated with a bachelor’s degree Faculty of Innovation College Thammasat University and currently studying at the master’s level Faculty of Communication Arts Bangkok Thonburi University It can be said that he is a young, energetic young man who loves working in the entertainment industry. and love studying together

Coming back to the nickname “Scene Stealer” That young man Leng was slightly stunned. Because I didn’t think I would get a nickname like this!!!

“At first, I was shocked. I was afraid that I would be criticized as to why I had this nickname. When Brother Hacks (Dr. Warodom Sirisuk) explained, I understood. I would like to thank all the viewers who welcomed Kham very well with their clothes and hair. It really stands out in the first EP. The colors are very different. I still laugh at myself. I have to thank the clothing department for taking care of me. I also have to thank P’Mew. I saw P’Mew for a while. When entering the entertainment industry, this is it. At first, I just knew that there were a lot of fans. There were a lot of people who really loved P’Mew. When they came to act in a drama together, P’Mew was a very nice person, which is friendly. And also helping fellow actors, like me just acting in a full-length drama for the first time. Time to have a scene with P’Mew He would always tell and teach when I was excited. I might stutter or speak incorrectly. He told me to take it slow, don’t rush, don’t be excited. As for him, the script was perfect. I had to hurry back and do my homework to be precise. Just like him I would like to congratulate Brother Mew for being my acting teacher.

Many people say that I use Body Language very well. Acting teachers will say that When doing scenes with whom? Every character is equally important. Even though we don’t have any dialogue. But we can also use gestures in our performance. I remembered that and put it in the drama. Viewers will see that Kham does not stay still. Seems to be enthusiastic and interested in everything around me I would like to thank the kind adults like P’Ying Ariya, Aunt Jum, Mae Om, the organizers, P’ Samruay, the director, and all the staff members as well.”

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