Liliana Bottone: «Working with Albanese is a dream come true»

Liliana Bottone: «Working with Albanese is a dream come true»

Born in Caserta 28 years ago, Liliana Button she is the young protagonist of the film “Cento Domeniche” by and with Antonio Albanese (in cinemas from 23 November).

Liliana Button in One Hundred Sundays by Albanese

«I play Emilia, Antonio’s daughter. She runs a small clothing shop together with her future husband. The path to reaching her started from some conversations with Antonio, who provided me with ideas that I explored in depth, mixing my experience with the writing of the film.”

An anecdote from the set?
«I remember the first time that Antonio made me watch the scenes I had just shot between one take and another. I was terrified of the idea of ​​seeing myself again immediately but instead it was a way of learning faster.”

With Albanese it is the second time in a film…
«The first time we worked together on set for just one day, but we immediately had a mutual liking and working feeling. The second, in One Hundred Sundays, we were able to deepen the human relationship and create a friendship beyond the scripted relationship. I always relied on him and tried to be courageous in making my proposals.”

The passion for cinema

«I have always loved cinema and I have watched many films. I started acting at 14 in Caserta, attending a workshop, with one meeting a week. When I was there I was fine and I never thought about making it a job before I was 18. Only then did I realize that I couldn’t see myself doing anything different in the future. So I dedicated myself with enormous sacrifices to achieving this goal. At the Academy I understood that it wasn’t just theater that I was passionate about but acting in general and that I would like to try my hand at that too.”

He worked with Cortellesi in “Like a cat on the ring road”. What did she have left?
«Paola Cortellesi, as well as Antonio o Riccardo Milani they are people who transmit a lot just by doing their job because they do it with professionalism, with intention and with great humility. There is always something to learn from them. The scene on the ring road was the first one I ever shot, I remember a very strong emotion.”

What would you like to do?
«Continue to work in different roles. I would like to put myself in the shoes of people who have faced difficult challenges and manage to overcome themselves, who seem to be about to collapse and then get back up again. I want to explore the emotional world and human relationships, strong feelings.”

A director you would like to be directed by?
«There are many directors that I respect in Italy and abroad. Here I would really like to work with Daniele Luchetti, Giorgio Diritti and many others. I’m working with a director who has been a dream for years and I still don’t believe it.”


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