Liniers’ reaction after the intense criticism received on networks: “I am not K… I am Q”

Liniers’ reaction after the intense criticism received on networks: “I am not K… I am Q”

“Because it seems to me that Milei is a character that would make me nervous to let him drive my car, much less the country, they tell me that I am K. In case you are interested, I am not K… I am Q. De Quino,” Liniers wrote this Tuesday on his official X account (social network formerly called Twitter) and shared a vignette of Mafalda.

“You are against K,” a social network user responded and the cartoonist insisted: “I voted for them 0 times.”

Far from appeasing criticism, his message responded to it. “You are no worse. They are a pseudo progressive teaching NY classes. You make people believe that Milei is a dictator. You didn’t make a single joke about Alberto when he locked us up for two years or when he destroyed the country’s economy. You are not Quino, the teacher was unique and you represent the opposite. You are the traitor left. If not, look at all the poor kids they left behind,” “In Quino’s comic, Milei would be the one who ends up behind bars. You’re scared of Milei, but isn’t the entire Kirchnerist apparatus? Very strange”, “The comic reflects more the Kirchnerist actions of controlling and managing everything, like a left-wing dictatorship that they love so much. Type Fidel Castro, Cháves, Maduro, Ortega, North Korea, China… ‘if you don’t do what I suggest and disobey something bad is going to happen to you’”, “Flaco, the guy is a libertarian, the complete opposite of what What do you say”, reads among the comments.

Immediately afterwards, Liniers did not write anything more and posted another cartoon of Quino.


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