Live in the present Focus on what you can control”: Move forward and continue working. To meet the expectations of the people

Live in the present  Focus on what you can control”: Move forward and continue working.  To meet the expectations of the people

Yesterday (11 February 2024) Pita Limjaroenrat – Pita Limjaroenrat The Advisory Chairman to the Leader of the Moving Forward Party along with MPs of the Moving Forward Party, including Benja Saengchan, Krunphon Tiensuwan, Phakamon Nun-anan, and Supachot Chaiyasaj, joined the member relations activity “Moving forward, Moving Forward Songkhla” at Field I. -stadium Khlong Rian, Hat Yai District, Songkhla Province, with many members of the Forward Party in Songkhla Province and nearby areas participating.
At one point, Pitha stood up and said to the party members: He would like to thank the people of Songkhla who, in the last election, voted for the Progressive Party in the party list system with more than 260,000 votes, the number 1 in the province and the number 2 in the southern region.
However, during the past year many people who supported the party may have received various insults that in the end Pitha and Kaoklai could not do it. Not being Prime Minister, not being a member of parliament in Songkhla province. But he would like to invite everyone to think Even though we haven’t completely succeeded yet. But in the past we have done incredible things. 🌟
Because from the 2019 election, the Future Forward Party received 90,000 points in Songkhla Province. In 2023, the Kao Kao Party scored 260,000 points. No one believed that Kao Kao could do it. Some parties have analyzed that they will get even less. We have accomplished one incredible thing. and will build on it even more successfully in the next election.
Pitha continued: Over the past year, the Forward Party has faced many challenges. But he asked fellow citizens who love democracy “Live in the present” and don’t look back on the past. And don’t think about the future that hasn’t come yet. Focus on what you can control. Don’t waste your time, energy, and brain thinking about things you can’t control.
💪 Therefore, the Forward Party will continue to work with all its might without fear of future obstacles. We will aim to increase the number of members. Create public participation through the election of district party representatives (TAT) and provincial party branch committees. Accelerate the resolution of political, economic, environmental, and public transportation problems through the mechanisms of the council and committees, insisting that moving forward, we will use the elected MPs to benefit the people as much as possible.
“Of course, going forward there are many challenges that are coming our way. But the encouragement and expectations that our brothers and sisters in Songkhla and the southern region have left with us There are more than just challenges that will come knocking at us. Live in the present here Then do the best with what we have,” Pitha said.
Finally, Pitha emphasizes that Kao Far is more than just a political party. It is a “political force” of the era that no one can deny. Therefore, no matter what happens to him and his party in the future, I believe that this political power will move forward steadily. Therefore, we ask all fellow citizens not to let go of each other’s hands yet. Don’t give up the white flag to obstacles that are about to come your way. Don’t let past efforts go to waste. Please keep fighting. Do your best in the present To create the Thailand we dream of together. 🟠
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