Lloyd Austin – the head of the Pentagon arrived in Kyiv — UNIAN

Lloyd Austin – the head of the Pentagon arrived in Kyiv — UNIAN

He expressed support for Ukraine.

The Minister of Defense of the United States of America, Lloyd Austin, said that they would continue to support Ukraine in the future.

He published the appeal written in Kyiv in a microblog H (formerly Twitter). He said that he held active discussions with Ukrainian leaders and conveyed an important message: the United States stands by Ukraine and will support it in the long term.

“This struggle is important for the free world, and the United States will always stand by democracy as long as the Ukrainians continue to demonstrate firmness and strength in the face of Putin’s aggression. We have rallied allies and partners to stand up to Russia and make progress on the road to a brighter future, precisely because this is what American leadership is all about. And our resolve is stronger than ever before,” he emphasized.

What is known about the visit of the head of the Pentagon

On November 20, it became known about the arrival of the delegation of the US Ministry of Defense headed by Lloyd Austin.

Despite the fact that the recently adopted temporary US budget does not include aid to Ukraine and Israel, Kyiv assured that they will be able to continue to supply military aid in doses “at least for some time.”

Also yesterday, it was announced that Ukraine would receive a new aid package, which includes additional anti-aircraft defense equipment, artillery ammunition, and other equipment.

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