Loan sharks threatened Erzan like this. They took him to an empty land and took a video.

Loan sharks threatened Erzan like this. They took him to an empty land and took a video.

They took him from his home, took him to an empty land, and made a threatening video. Kanal D News received footage of Seçil Erzan being threatened by people from whom she received money through promissory notes and interest.

Erzan said in the video, “Uncle Süleyman, he has no interest in either of Moci’s and Nazlı’s deeds that we gave you. I ask you not to do anything to their bills. “Tell me that I did not receive a penny, Moci did not receive a penny.”

The person Erzan refers to as Moci in the video is Iranian Mojtaba Hakani, who is mentioned in the indictment. The wife of Erzan’s friend from university.

Erzan says in the video, “I paid him much more than the money I have received so far,” but it is alleged that Mojtaba Hakani asked for more money from Seçil Erzan. When Erzan said ‘I can’t pay’ he said ‘Don’t do anything to find money’. He found the solution in loan shark Süleyman Aslan and received 10 million lira.

Erzan said in the video, “Also, Süleyman Aslan gave me another 1,350,000 USD. Afterwards, I paid much more money, 2,650,000 USD, to Süleyman Aslan. “I have paid a lot of interest to Süleyman Aslan so far,” he said.

However, Hakani appeared to be in debt because he signed the promissory note. He started to pressure Erzan to buy the bill. But Seçil Erzan couldn’t get it. Hakani also started making threats. In his correspondence, Erzan said that his cousin was threatened by Mojtaba Hakani.

It’s not just a matter of threats. Hakani picked up Seçil Erzan from the house she was staying in, and they were in the middle of an empty field. Seçil Erzan was wearing her tracksuit. His face and eyes were swollen. He cried and said whatever they said.

Seçil Erzan was being held in Bakırköy Women’s Detention House. As of yesterday, he was sent to Marmara Prison in Silivri. He was put in a solitary cell.

The number of complainants in the Seçil Erzan case increased; The prison request was up to 226 years


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