LOL, Season 5: Start & Cast of Last One Laughing

LOL, Season 5: Start & Cast of Last One Laughing

“Last One Laughing” is getting a 5th season. Here you can find out everything that is known so far about the start, cast and episodes of the 5th season of LOL.

With “Last One Laughing”, or LOL for short, is Amazon Prime a worldwide success. The comedy show delights viewers all over the world with its actually quite simple concept. It works like this: Ten comedians are locked in a room for six hours. The task: Don’t laugh. However, this turns out to be a real art, because all of the ten professional comedians repeatedly perform sketches that are intended to make others laugh. If you can’t take it anymore and start laughing, you have to leave the room. Whoever is left standing at the end will receive the prize money of 50,000 euros for a good cause.

The concept of Amazon Prime been carried around the world. Stars such as Trevor Noah and Graham Norton were recruited to host existing and future episodes. In Germany, the successful format has been hosted by comedy legend Michael “Bully” Herbig since season 1. All ten participants are now known, including both new and familiar faces.

But when can season 5 of the comedy show be seen? Which comedians are taking part this time? How many episodes are there? Here you can find out everything that is already known about the new season of LOL.

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“LOL – Last One Laughing”: When does season 5 start?

The exact start date for the 5th season of “Last One Laughing” has Amazon Prime although not yet announced. But it is already certain that the new episodes will be available at Easter 2024. The streaming provider is sticking to the same release plan that it followed for previous seasons. For example, season 4 of “LOL – Last One Laughing” was released during Easter.

Cast in season 5 of “LOL – Last One Laughing”: All candidates are known

The cast in LOL – Last One Laughing Season 5 is what fans of the show are most excited about. Ultimately, the success of the show also depends on how funny the participants are. In the last four seasons of LOL, pretty much everyone with distinction from the German comedy scene has been on the show.

However, over time, some turned out to be real long-term guests of the format and were featured in several seasons. This time too, one or two familiar faces from past editions can be found again: the repeat offenders in season 5 include Hazel Brugger, Torsten Sträter and Olaf Schubert. Sträter won season 1, Schubert was there in season 3 and Brugger is now on the show for the third time. But which participants complete season 5 and are there besides the three names mentioned? Michael “Bully” Herbig announced this in a video on Instagram, which you can see here:

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Here you can find an overview of all ten participants of the 5th season of “LOL”:

  • Ina Müller (58)
  • Elyas M’Barek (41)
  • Hazel Brugger (30)
  • Mirja Boes (52)
  • Ralf Schmitz (49)
  • Michael Kessler (56)
  • Torsten Sträter (57)
  • Olaf Schubert (56)
  • Meltem Kaptan (43)
  • Otto Waalkes (75)

“LOL – Last One Laughing”, Season 5: This is what is known about the episodes so far

The format of “LOL – Last One Laughing” originally comes from Japan Amazon Prime Video but has long since been brought to the rest of the world. The show is also a huge hit in Germany – Season 4 is the most-watched German title on the streaming platform. It is therefore not expected that the format for season 5 will change. Accordingly, there will be six episodes in which the comedians fight to find each other as unfunny as possible.


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