Lombardy: Fermi visits Insubria offices in Varese and Como, ‘challenge won, forward with innovation’

Lombardy: Fermi visits Insubria offices in Varese and Como, ‘challenge won, forward with innovation’


Milan, 3 April. (Adnkronos) – The tour of the regional councilor for University, Research and Innovation, Alessandro Fermi, stopped at the two Insubria campuses of Varese and Como among the Lombardy universities. Accompanied by the undersecretary for International and European Relations, Raffaele Cattaneo, and by the councilors Emanuele Monti, Marisa Cesana and Angelo Orsenigo, Fermi was welcomed in the Aula Magna of the Cattaneo College of Varese by the magnificent rector, Angelo Tagliabue, and the general director , Marco Cavallotti.

S”The challenge launched 25 years ago was not easy – said the councilor – but it was won. Insubria has managed to become the university of the territory, with commitment and courage, granting young people the opportunity to acquire a very high level education, while remaining anchored to the territory they belong to. The Lombardy system is an excellence, and a Region that believes in its universities is required to invest resources, support work and increase its attractiveness”.

The initiative on which the councilor is working goes precisely in this direction which, through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) will allow “over 50 million euros to be made available for technological innovation and the creation of new housing”.

Undersecretary Raffaele Cattaneo underlined Insubria’s ability to build solid international relations, “the most active in the missions in which it participated together with the Lombardy Region, precisely confirming a great openness which also becomes an element of strong attraction for our territory” .

Thanks to funding of over 1.6 million euros from the Lombardy Region, Insubria was able to activate the Research and Technology Transfer Center (Criett) and the Teaching and Learning Center (Tlc) which the councilor wanted to visit to experience the potential firsthand.

In the afternoon, in Como, Councilor Fermi visited the Physics laboratories and the non-linear optical laser, meeting the ‘returning brains’ Lucia Caspani and Mattia Sormani, the Chemistry laboratories, where analyzes of trace pollutants are carried out edited by researcher Gilberto Binda; the Orbitrap mass spectrometry laboratory, dedicated to the analysis and characterization of matter, managed by Professor Silvia Gazzola.


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