Long live Rai2! Fiorello on Salvini: “After Belve he is a new man”

Long live Rai2!  Fiorello on Salvini: “After Belve he is a new man”


Fiorello rages with his VivaRai2!. Back more recharged than ever, after the short Easter break and in the glass of the Foro Italico, the showman comments on Salvini’s closure to Putin.

Fiorello on Salvini

“Do you know what the excuse was? He didn’t know he was Russian, with that surname he thought he was Venetian!” jokes Fiorello. Today’s guest, connected via video call, Francesca Fagnani. Speaking of Salvini, Fiorello turns to the host of Belve: “he was at your place and expressed doubts about Vannaci, held out his hand to Bossi, renounced Putin, sent peace signals to Meloni… what did you give him to drink? He is a new man!”.

The hottest days for the African anticyclone are arriving in Italy. “Now there is dengue, tiger mosquito flu. Be careful – warns Fiorello – they can be recognized because they are so big that they have a license plate. They don’t sting but they give transfusions,” he quips. “Among other things, when Vannacci heard ‘African anticyclone’ he specified that he has many anticyclone friends”.

On Xi Jinping and Biden

The showman then focuses on foreign policy and jokes about the recent conversation between Xi Jinping and Biden: “We have the transcript of the dialogue between the two. ‘A7’, Biden’s response ‘water, ‘C8’, ‘hit, ‘F5’, ‘hit and sank. Biden says ‘you can keep Taiwan’.” Instead, the episode ends like this: “In Japan in 500 years everyone will have the same surname, they will all be called ‘Sato-san’ – says Fiorello -. This could also happen in Italy, if Gigi D’Alessio were to continue having children.”


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