Lotte Home Shopping launches new program featuring supermodels and AI show hosts

Lotte Home Shopping launches new program featuring supermodels and AI show hosts

Lotte Home Shopping (CEO Kim Jae-gyeom) is strengthening its broadcasting competitiveness by launching a new program using celebrities with expertise and topicality, such as model Lee Seon-jin and virtual human Lucy.

As the number of TV viewers decreases, Lotte Home Shopping is focusing on increasing customer attention with unique content that breaks away from the existing broadcast format. Last year, we launched ‘Fashion Rank’, where show hosts review a number of popular fashion broadcasts edited in short form and sell products. As a result, even though it was a weekday afternoon with a low percentage of fashion sales, the number of orders increased by more than 30% compared to fashion broadcasts at the same time. This year, we are launching a series of fashion and living specialty programs featuring supermodels, AI influencers, and veteran show hosts with over 20 years of experience. Ahead of the launch of new spring fashion products, the plan is to increase attention with a program with expertise and topicality, and increase reliability through a show host specializing in living with more than 20 years of experience.

At 7:15 am on the 15th (Thursday), a new fashion program ‘Look at Me’ will be launched with the concept of ‘a style show that shows real fashion’. Seonjin Lee, a fashion professor and supermodel with about 30 years of experience, appears and introduces exclusive fashion brands, luxury goods, and jewelry, as well as fashion curation and styling tips. By programming the show one hour earlier than 8 a.m., which is considered the golden time for fashion, it strengthens the competitiveness of broadcasting in the morning time slot. Simultaneous broadcasting on YouTube will also be carried out in conjunction with Lotte Home Shopping’s official SNS channel ‘Lotte Tube’. On the 8th (Thursday), the fashion program ‘Lucy Talk Live’ featuring the virtual human ‘Lucy’ was launched. Every Thursday at 2:35 PM, ‘Lucy’ introduces popular products of the week, including fashion, miscellaneous goods, and leisure sports. This is a method that implements the AI ​​avatar of ‘Lucy’ and transmits a voice created using speech synthesis (TTS, Text to Speech) technology. As a result of ‘Lucy’ appearing alone without a show host to sell products and communicate with customers, the number of real-time chats in one hour increased more than five times compared to the same time period the previous week.

In the living sector, broadcast content will be strengthened using veteran show hosts with high customer trust. On the 20th (Tuesday) at 7:35 PM, we will launch ‘Kim Ji-ae’s Shopping List’, a living and food program hosted by Ji-ae Kim, a show host with 24 years of experience. The show host selects premium ‘items’ that he personally uses and is satisfied with, and introduces them in detail, including quality analysis, actual user reviews, purchase benefits, after-sales service, and delivery services. In addition, ‘Choi Yura Show’ also held a ‘Business Trip Yuraya’ event in overseas locations earlier this month, introducing premium brands such as ‘Vermacula’ and ‘Balmuda’ through mobile live broadcast.

Jeong Yoon-sang, head of Lotte Home Shopping’s broadcasting production division, said, “As part of strengthening broadcasting competitiveness, we are introducing unique content featuring celebrities with expertise and topicality, and new programs using veteran show hosts.” He added, “In the future, we will not only collaborate with influencers, but also “We plan to strengthen our competitiveness by continuously introducing differentiated content that reflects digital technologies and trends,” he said.

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