“Makro” organizes the first full event of the year “Creator Meetup: Food is very good” gathering food creators all over the country. Update trends and techniques with 4 famous social media gurus. Paving the way for professional creators

“Makro” organizes the first full event of the year “Creator Meetup: Food is very good” gathering food creators all over the country.  Update trends and techniques with 4 famous social media gurus.  Paving the way for professional creators

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“Makro” The leader in wholesale business under CP Extra Public Company Limited is organizing the first big event of the year “Makro Creator Meetup, the food section is very good” including more than 200 food creators. People all over Thailand come to update the trends in creating professional content with 4 speakers at the forefront of Thailand, including Am – Saran Baengkusolchit” Tiktok Channel Marketing, Sila Peerawatthuk Channel “Tik Tok Wizard, Eclair – Chatsak Mahatha from Chong Chu Pak and the program “Looking for Things to Do” and “Turk – Tassanan Wuttichai” from the Starvingtime page, “Eating is a Big Deal” Come join in giving knowledge. Share interesting tips and techniques. Exclusive To further develop into a Content Creator in the food line that is very good and professional, complete in this event.

Mr. Thanit Chearavanont, Chairman of the Executive Board Makro Thailand wholesale business Said, “At present, social media is still strong and has new trends. Happens all the time We are entering the New Commerce era driven by digital content. Which is considered the key to communication and selling products in new ways, making Content Creator a hot career. Anyone can do it. But how to be successful? Makro therefore wants to be a part of the success. To everyone who has a dream of becoming a Content Creator by being the intermediary in organizing the event so that new Content Creators can meet and talk closely with leading professional Creators in Thailand. Ready to create a community of food creators to have the opportunity to exchange knowledge. and experiences with each other Endlessly inspiring and hoping that Makro will be another destination for food creators who want to create interesting content. It is a center that connects the social media world with customers. Including being able to expand distribution channels on social media platforms as well.”

For important highlights in this event, meet 4 speakers who are famous at the forefront of Thailand. and has been accepted in the world of social media Come update your knowledge and share various experiences. that food creators must know, led by
• “Am – Saran Baengkusonchit” owner of Tiktok channel, marketing and 15 things you should know in depth about building a brand for food creators. must be different Most importantly, you must be honest with consumers and merchants.
• “Sila – Peerawatthuk” from the Tiktok channel, Tiktok Wizard with millions of followers Recommend techniques for filming content that the food line must be able to do. When making food content, you have to add something more (Plus). Because the audience wants to see something more than just food.
• “Eclair – Chatsak Mahatha” from Chue Pak Channel and things to do Share food making ideas and talking with sponsors Complete with tips on creating a great identity The important thing is to respect the audience. By making the transaction clear Let viewers know which part is an advertisement. Or which period is the review?
• “Turk Tasanan Wutthichai” from the page Starvingtime, eating a big deal Popular food page with over 4.4 million followers shares her perspective as a media expert and marketing agency. Guidance on creating a content strategy To achieve sustainability in their career, Content Creator encourages creators to continuously create content. Do it with consistency Most importantly, don’t stop doing it.

The atmosphere at the event was filled with content creators of various generations who were interested in food. Excited by various activities that Makro has specially selected for this event, such as full food and drink booths from more than 10 shops that create special menus, chic photo corners Complete with a souvenir goodie bag, it’s awesome. Come to this one event and you can create content from the start of the event until you get home like no other. Let me tell you, besides getting good and cool knowledge to take home, you also get to experience deliciousness and fun. and got to know many other creators

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