Malbork. A tavern brawl over soup. 49-year-old man stabbed

Malbork.  A tavern brawl over soup.  49-year-old man stabbed

On Wednesday morning, police officers from Malbork received a disturbing report. It showed that in one of the apartments in the city there was a man who had been stabbed.

— The police found a 49-year-old man on site who had wounds on his stomach, and his injuries directly threatened his life and health. Medics called to the scene took the man to hospital, where immediate life-saving surgery was necessary, said the District Police Headquarters in Malbork.

The case was immediately taken up by criminal investigators who determined the course of the dramatic events. It turned out that the previous evening, the 49-year-old had come to visit the 63-year-old and they drank alcohol together. Unfortunately, the younger man got hungry at some point and ate some soup found in the kitchen without permission. It was a big mistake.


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