Maneuver, hundreds of amendments expected from oppositions. Pensions, Schillaci: “We are working to resolve the problem of doctors”

Maneuver, hundreds of amendments expected from oppositions.  Pensions, Schillaci: “We are working to resolve the problem of doctors”

Several hundred amendments to the budget law by the opposition are expected: they could reach around a thousand.

The amendments to the maneuver

Tomorrow at 6pm the deadline for the presentation of the texts in the Budget Commission at Palazzo Madama expires, from what filters through the opposition groups, starting from Pd, M5s and Avs, are still working to complete the drafting of their amendments, they are expected several hundred for each group.

The majority, however, in recent days has made it known that they should not propose textsawaiting a possible major amendment by the government during the process of the provision in the Commission which could review some points, starting from that on pensionswith article 33 which has been contested especially by the doctors’ category because it would reduce the monthly allowance for some sections of public administration workers.

Doctors’ pensions

“Together with the Minister of Economy Giancarlo Giorgetti there is a desire to solve the problem” of doctors’ discomfort with respect to the pension measures in Maneuver, among the reasons for the strike on December 5th. “Giorgetti is developing possibilities”. So “the problem will soon be resolved in the interest of citizens above all, as well as health workers”, said the Minister of Health, Orazio Schillaci, on the sidelines of a meeting organized at the ministry for the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. “No one has any interest, least of all me – specified Schillaci – that those who work well in the National Health Service retire early, especially in a complex moment like this in which we already have the problem of the physiological pension curve that will hit us in the next 3 years”.

The researchers: “Severe pension reduction for us too”

«Public research is Cinderella for INPS too. Everyone seems to have forgotten them and no one has noticed that approximately two thirds of the 26 thousand employees of public research bodies (EPR) will suffer a large reduction in pension due to article 33 of the measure, which revises the return on payments before 1996 for some categories of public workers”. Eleuterio Spiriti, national coordinator of the FGU Research Department, Anpri section, says this. «The EPR staff are mostly enrolled in the Cpdel fund managed by the National Social Security Institute. For many of them, the insult will be added to the injury of having had to shell out significant sums to redeem their graduation yearsa circumstance which is obviously very widespread in the public research environment, and now see this effort largely frustrated. The new calculation method can in fact produce a loss of several thousand euros per year, up to 11 thousand, on the pension depending on the years of contributions and the salary at the time. Added to this, however, is the tightening of the requirements for access to the pension even for those who were hired after January 1, 1996″.
«Yet everyone seems to have forgotten about it, demonstrating that public research is only considered fundamental in words. Thus, cash is made on scholars who today face an average salary that is up to 50% lower than their counterparts in the more advanced states, to the detriment of the already low attractiveness of a profession that is fundamental for the country’s progress, starting with the role of the EPRs in the projects of the Pnrr. This is why – concludes the FGU coordinator – we ask the Government to implement a safeguard for Italian researchers who do not deserve this treatment and must be valued for the decisive contribution they make to the economic, civil and cultural growth of Italy”.


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