Mariana Rodríguez takes her ‘phospho’ tennis shoes out of the drawer, to support Samuel García

Mariana Rodríguez takes her ‘phospho’ tennis shoes out of the drawer, to support Samuel García

The influencer and wife of the governor of Nuevo León, Samuel Garcia, Mariana Rodriguezrevived a viral episode of García’s campaign for governor, by appearing with the iconic tennis shoes “phospho phospho” in a video shared on his account instagram.

The audiovisual material, shared on Sunday, comes just one day before the start of Samuel García’s pre-campaign for the Presidency of the country in 2024.

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In the video, Mariana Rodríguez is shown at home, preparing for the day, dressed in phosphorescent orange sports sneakers, repeating the remembered phrase from three years ago.

In October 2020, during the gubernatorial campaign, Mariana Rodríguez shared a video with Samuel García on social networks, where she presents her “phospho phospho” tennis shoes, becoming a distinctive feature of the party.

This Sunday, the influencer launched a spot supporting Citizen movementtitled “Dusting off the Phospho-Phospho”.

In the video, she is seen waking up, getting dressed and choosing the emblematic tennis shoes, while announcing her support for the party and her husband’s pre-campaign.

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During the campaign Garcia for the governorship, was pointed out as an influential factor for his victory due to the content he generated on social networks.

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