Marixa Balli exploded with indignation over a traffic fine: “It’s very unfair”

Marixa Balli exploded with indignation over a traffic fine: “It’s very unfair”

The renowned dancer and panelist of THE M, Marixa Balli, shared a strong defense on her social networks after receiving a traffic fine that she considers unfair. In a video posted on Instagram, Balli detailed the situation that led to her being sanctioned and expressed her frustration.

According to Marixa’s story, she was stopped at a traffic light on Avenida Avellaneda when, upon seeing two ambulances with their sirens on, she had to move her vehicle onto the pedestrian path to allow them to pass. Subsequently, she went to the City Government office to show the security cameras and explain the reason for her maneuver.

The dancer stated that, despite her attempt to explain, they asked her to return to the department, generating her indignation. “She gave me a fever, because I went to explain what had happened and they asked me to come back, as if I was scratching myself. Obviously I am going to argue again because in the camera sequence you have to see what happened,” she highlighted.

Additionally, Marixa questioned the need to pay a fine for acting like a “good citizen” by giving way to ambulances. She expressed her disbelief at the situation and highlighted the importance of truth in her life.

The panelist also shared her frustration when comparing the attention received for a traffic ticket with the lack of justice in the case of an accident that affected her brother, where the person responsible did not face an adequate sentence.


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