Martyrdom of 10% of Gaza journalists by the occupiers

Martyrdom of 10% of Gaza journalists by the occupiers

to report Jam Jam online“The number of journalist martyrs has reached 126 and considering that this union has about 1,300 journalists in this department, 10 percent of all journalists have been martyred,” this is another part of the statement of the head of the Palestinian Journalists Association.

During his participation in a ceremony hosted by Morocco, which was organized by the National Press Association of this country for Palestinian journalists, the occupiers destroyed all the media institutions in Gaza and imprisoned and injured dozens of journalists.

Yesterday, two other journalists in Gaza named Alaa Hassan al-Homs and Angham Ahmad were martyred due to the continuous bombing and targeting of press workers and Palestinian homes in Rafah and Jabalia by the occupying regime.

Despite the fact that the Palestinian and international media have repeatedly warned that the Israeli army has targeted media workers and demanded their protection. But the occupiers, ignoring the previous warnings, targeted journalists in an effort to hide the facts and prevent the publication of reports about their aggression and documenting the massacres.

In another part of his speech, Abu Bakr stressed that Palestinian journalists in Gaza work in difficult conditions and cover the biggest and most horrific massacre in the history of the media; Because this number of journalists had never been killed during wars, including Vietnam or World War II.


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