Maserati moves forward with plans to produce cars 100% made in Italy.

Maserati moves forward with plans to produce cars 100% made in Italy.

Emphasis on electric power technology and sustainable growth

Maserati, the first Italian luxury car brand. that develops and produces electric cars Announcing the move forward with the plan to create sustainable growth. With an emphasis on the brand and continuous product development, Maserati cars are designed, developed and produced entirely in Italy. Delivered to customers in more than 70 countries around the world, accounting for 86% of exports, Modena is the heart of Trident’s automotive upgrades, based at the older Viale Ciro Menotti factory. 80 years

As a brand that places a strong emphasis on innovation, design, quality, technology and luxury, Maserati has shaped the future of luxury automobiles. By setting a strong strategy and comprehensive product development plan to step into the electric car era. and to fulfill the dreams of the drivers towards the intended goal

Maserati is a luxury car brand under the Stellantis Group. and implement a positive financial recovery plan starting in 2021. It currently has a strong business model. And there is clarity about electric cars in the future. This is a way that will allow Maserati to maintain its leadership in the luxury car segment. Its production volumes and profits are consistent with its unique market leadership position.

Maserati fully believes in electric car technology. and do everything possible to increase competitiveness Ready to offer something beyond customer expectations. Starting a new chapter in the history of electric vehicles. With the launch of two electric cars, the GranTurismo Folgore and the Gracale Folgore. (Grecale Folgore) The name ‘Folgore’ refers to a car that runs entirely on electricity. and began to be sold in Italy and the European Union. Granturismo Folgore
It is the ultimate automobile that is full of cutting-edge technology. Has been broadcast from Formula E racing, which Maserati is a brand that has the spirit of motorsport and racing in its blood. and is the first Italian manufacturer Participating in Formula E racing since 2023

Maserati GranCabrio Folgore is scheduled to launch later this year. Following the combustion engine model The path to the electric car era will be continuous. With the launch of the MC20 Folgore in 2025, followed by the new E-UV BEV model in 2027 and the Quattroporte BEV in 2028.

Every Maserati model is designed, developed and manufactured every step of the way in Italy. Emphasizing the continuation of the brand’s strengths from the past. With the perfect combination of sophistication and innovation. With headquarters in Modena. which is the production base for MC20 (MC20) and MC20 Cielo (MC20 Cielo) with space allocated To support the production of the Folgore sub-model that is purely electrically powered in the future.

Committed to producing automobiles that stand out in design and exquisite detail, the Modena factory has a special program called ‘Atelier of the Fuoriserie Personalization Program’ to support the production of special edition Maserati cars. Trident Camp has continuously invested in a new factory on the same area. Ready to train employees in the Fuoriserie Personalization Program

At the original Viale Ciro Menotti factory, a special Maserati team works closely with more than 130 expert engineers to develop current and future models. as well as working in the laboratory To develop and test electric motors It is a factor that drives Masoorati to elevate the brand’s luxury to a new level.

Maserati is part of Stellantis’ ‘Dare Forward 2030’ strategy. That was announced on March 1, 2022, which will consist of cars in every segment. The new Maserati model has the application of electric motors. To create excellent innovation and superior performance. which is the DNA of the brand This year will be an important year of growth and innovation. Amidst challenges and changes

David Grasso, CEO of Maserati, said: “We are moving full steam ahead. To step into the world of electric cars with Modena as the center of development. There are currently two 100% electric cars available. And will launch another model within this year and present Maserati cars with the best performance. Ready to create an exciting driving experience like never before. While our long-term strategic plan and vision It’s the result of a desire to create excitement in the world of high-performance cars. With production excellence in the Italian style Superior quality and ready to create a new future with a special business model that customers can trust that they will receive an excellent car and reflects the uniqueness of Trident Camp the best.”

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