Mattarella on the burning of the mannequin: “Solidarity with Meloni”

Mattarella on the burning of the mannequin: “Solidarity with Meloni”


The President of the Republic expresses solidarity with the Prime Minister after the burning of the mannequin which occurred last night during a demonstration for Valerio Verbano, the Autonomia Operaia militant killed in the capital on 22 February 1980.

“We are witnessing an intolerable series of manifestations of violence: insults, vulgarity of language, interventions devoid of content but full of verbal aggression, even effigies burned or vilified, several times by the Prime Minister herself, to whom full solidarity must be expressed” he said the Head of State, Sergio Mattarella, meeting a group of students at the Quirinale and answering some of their questions.

The solidarity of politicians with Meloni

“I express full solidarity with President Giorgia Meloni for the worrying escalation of violence and vulgarity towards her. Even going so far as to burn a mannequin that represents her goes beyond the boundaries of any clash in politics. A policy that cannot be contaminated by such unacceptable behaviour, which must be strongly condemned, I hope, by all parties”. This was declared by the Minister for Civil Protection and Maritime Policies, Nello Musumeci, commenting on what happened yesterday afternoon in Rome.

Solidarity also from the Fratelli d’Italia deputy, Massimo Milani: “Solidarity with the Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, still the victim of an intimidating act. Last night at the procession in memory of Valerio Verbano a mannequin depicting Giorgia Meloni was burned and this morning intimidating writings appeared under the Conca d’Oro metro. We wonder why the opposition is silent on such episodes which deserve bipartisan condemnation. We systematically witness threats, intimidation and insults towards the Prime Minister as never before. If the left does not distance itself from these shameful acts, it will certainly not contribute to diluting the climate of hatred that has been created. And this is not tolerable in a healthy democracy, where the functional dialectic between adversaries is contrasted with violence.”


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