Medina says accusations of blackmail against the former CEO of TAP are “false”

Medina says accusations of blackmail against the former CEO of TAP are “false”

Former TAP executive president Christine Ourmières-Widener accused the Finance Minister of blackmail and dismissing her for political reasons.

Fernando Medina responded this Tuesday, stating that the former manager’s statements were “false and regrettable”.

Christine Ourmières-Widener said on Monday that the Finance Minister assured her that she had done “nothing wrong” but that he had to fire her “for political reasons”.

“The former CEO’s statements regarding the reasons and procedure for her dismissal are false and regrettable,” said the Minister of Finance, speaking to the Lusa news agency.

“All the clarifications were provided by me in the Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry and will be provided, if necessary, again, in the legal action currently underway”, he added.

Remember that Christine Ourmières-Widener said, in an interview with CNN, that Fernando Medina “vehemently” advised her to resign, evoking the “reputation” of the former manager.

“I call that blackmail and threatening me and that’s what he did”, said the former CEO of TAP, highlighting that the airline’s action against her is “full of lies, attacks and insults”.

“They are trying to destroy my reputation, my past. They say all kinds of things about me that are not true, that I had nothing to do with the success of the company and the positive results”, he said.


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