Memorandum of understanding between the national media and the governorate for the development of the technical infrastructure of Kerman radio and television

Memorandum of understanding between the national media and the governorate for the development of the technical infrastructure of Kerman radio and television

to report Jam Jam Online Kerman; During this trip, the deputy of development and media technology met with the governor of Kerman and signed a memorandum of cooperation between this deputy with the governor’s office and the management and planning organization of Kerman province.

This memorandum of understanding, which is enforceable for two years from the date of signing, was exchanged in order to realize identity-oriented and justice-oriented media, and in order to remove existing obstacles, repair, develop and update the technical infrastructure of Kerman province’s radio and television.

Alireza Sharifi, Vice President of Development and Technology of the Broadcasting Organization, said: Signaling is the main task of the technical units, if the centers of the provinces are rich in terms of content production and produce suitable and high-quality programs for the audience, but it is not possible to send the signal to the audience, it is a waste of time and The media will not receive any funds.

He stated: In order to create a new atmosphere in the competitive arena of the 12th representative term of the Islamic Council, it is planned to create a television channel for each separate area, and with this, added value will be created in the whole country.

He continued: “Kerman, with more than 9 constituencies, needs a lot of equipment and must include necessary and special arrangements to be ready for March and elections.”

Mohammad Mahdi Fadakar, the governor of Kerman, also said in the meeting with the vice president of development and technology of the national media and the signing of the memorandum: Kerman is a vast province, and accordingly, the development of the activities of the broadcasting organization in the software and hardware sectors is very important and influential.

He addressed the key role of radio and television in the field of culture, education and information and added: Kerman province should respond to a large amount of networks and information throughout the country and even the media of the resistance front due to the presence of the tomb of Lieutenant General Haj Qassem Soleimani. And this issue requires a special look at the province in the field of broadcasting equipment and facilities.

The most important provisions of this memorandum include the provision of equipment for updating the center’s SNG with HD capability, updating ground signaling equipment, digitizing a number of analog transmitters at the provincial level (40 stations), updating and HDizing the satellite television unit, as well as improving and developing network coverage. TV and FM radio pointed out.

Vice President of National Media Development and Technology also visited the second station under construction of Sahib al-Zaman Mosque mountains in Kerman, the new building under construction of Kerman Audio and Broadcasting Center while visiting the tombs of Lieutenant General Haj Qassem Soleimani and Golzar Shahada. attended


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