Memorandum of understanding between the Saudi Rheumatology Society and AbbVie

Memorandum of understanding between the Saudi Rheumatology Society and AbbVie

The Saudi Rheumatology Society signed a memorandum of understanding with AbbVie, the international company specialized in the production of biological medicines, during the activities of the tenth annual rheumatology conference in the city of Al-Khobar, where it was agreed to sign this memorandum of understanding to define the general frameworks for joint cooperation between the two parties to achieve Their goals are to support the medical community and raise the standards of care for rheumatology patients on the one hand, and on the other hand to continue supporting research projects and clinical studies that aim to enhance the understanding and treatment of rheumatic conditions.

It was also agreed to organize joint programs that would train rheumatologists who practice the profession in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in areas of common interest, including but not limited to seeking assistance from international rheumatologists to exchange their experiences, participate in organizing scientific events related to rheumatic diseases, and provide Scientific support for junior rheumatologists.

Dr. Hanan Al-Rayes, President of the Saudi Rheumatology Society, expressed her appreciation for concluding such agreements, which include initiatives to raise the level of public awareness about rheumatic diseases, their early detection, and the importance of timely treatment, on the one hand, and on the other hand, the establishment of a joint program that helps raise standards of care. For patients suffering from rheumatic diseases. The agreement also aims to facilitate the endorsement of educational meetings initiated by AbbVie such as the annual Immunology Expo Forum, the Greater Rheumatology Education Summit, and others.

Dr. Ashraf Dawoud, General Manager of AbbVie Saudi Arabia, expressed his happiness at signing the memorandum of understanding with the Saudi Rheumatology Society, which stems from AbbVie’s interest in contributing to improving the level of medical care in the Kingdom, through participating in educational campaigns for patients and sponsoring scientific events, especially those It is organized by the Saudi Rheumatology Society to enhance the knowledge and skills of healthcare professionals in the field of rheumatic diseases and to keep abreast of the latest updates in the field of diagnosis and treatment.


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